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Agenda item

Open Floor

A free flow session which gives an opportunity for parishes and partners to update the Board and for attendees to ask questions or suggest ideas. All partners and parishes are welcome to update us, but time is limited so please keep updates brief.


To include:


·       Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

·       Wiltshire Police (to include night-time economy update)

·       Community Speed Watch

·       Open Floor – the chance any other partners, parishes or attendees present to update the board, give feedback, or ask questions


The Chairman invited partners, parishes and attendees to give updates or ask questions.


·       Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

Matthew Maggs, DWFRS representative had sent apologies, so the Chairman referred attendees to the written update at pages 27-31 of the agenda.


·       Wiltshire Police

Inspector Tina Osborn gave an update to the meeting stating her written report was available in supplement 1. The Inspector highlighted priorities such as rural crime and hare coursing. Rural patrols were continuing, some proactive operations had been undertaken and the force were looking to undertake more proactive operations.


There had been some anti-social behaviour, but the perpetrators had been identified by CCTV and dealt with. There had been an increase in burglaries, including theft from outbuildings, where items such as power tools and bikes had been stolen and house burglaries where items such as tablets and jewellery were stolen. Attendees were reminded to keep buildings secure, not to leave possessions out on display and to report anything suspicious.


Operation Sceptre was a nationwide awareness week on knife crime, school visits had been undertaken to highlight the dangers and risks of carrying knives and metal detectors used. A nationwide campaign on drink and drug driving had also been underway.


Sgt Steve Jolly gave an update on anti-social behaviour in Amesbury’s night-time economy, which had been increasing and the force were working in partnership with the MOD and trialling the Royal Military Police and Police patrolling together. On 4 December a targeted operation had been undertaken with patrols on foot giving a high presence and undertaking a zero-tolerance approach. Premises were also reminded of their responsibilities as licenced venues. The operation had positive outcomes with no disorder present and venues refusing entry to patrons if already over intoxicated. Further such operations would be undertaken. The police were working closely with licensing, premises and pub watch which was working well.


Shrewton Parish Council highlighted issues faced with vehicles and in particular military vehicles ignoring the weight limit and transiting through Shrewton. Cllr Iain Blair-Pilling as lead on military civilian liaison had been working on the issue and Russell Holland, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner explained that he would feed the issue back. Steve Jolly of the Police explained that they were aware of the issue and would raise this with high level army contacts and trading standards, he encouraged attendees to send pictures or details to the Amesbury Community Policing Team.  


·       Community Speed Watch (CSW)

John Derryman of Community Speed Watch gave an update to the meeting. Mr Derryman explained that he had undertaken a voluntary role, working with the PCC as a county co-ordinator for CSW. He was trying to pull together the 115 CSW teams with over 1,000 volunteers, who ran around 10-15 sessions a day supporting the police in their road safety strategy. A meeting had been held on 15 November with around 50 CSW team leaders and the PCC which covered hot topics, proactive suggestions and ways to make CSW more efficient. He had attended a follow up meeting with several lead police officers to discuss the ideas and how the impact of CSW on road safety could be improved. Each of the Wiltshire Community Policing Teams would have one point of contact, known as area co-ordinators for CSW going forward.


Quarterly themed meetings were to be held with CSW team leaders and the area co-ordinators, where there would be guest speakers present. The objective of Mr Derryman’s involvement was to make sure the volunteers were as efficient as possible. Road safety was firmly on the agenda for the PCC and he could also liaise with parish councils and give consistent messaging to all involved. Hot spots could also be highlighted, and actions taken. The Chairman thanked Mr Derryman for his dedication.  


In response to a question regarding a bottleneck at the police end on issuing letters to speeders Mr Derryman stated that processes were efficient, the police had a service level agreement of 14 days and usually responded much more quickly. 


In response to a further question on statistics regarding Speed Indicator Devices (SIDS) versus CSW teams, Mr Derryman explained that one of his aims was to collate all data from CSW teams, SIDS and auto speedwatch.


·       Parishes


Richard Harris of Shrewton Parish Council in addition to their update on lorries stated that Shrewton Village Hall’s management committee was continuing to make considerable efforts to improve the hall and grounds as a community facility and work was progressing on the Community Garden. He also highlighted issues with things which had been reported on MyWilts but where no action had been taken. The Chairman recommended that refence numbers were passed to him to chase up.


The Chairman was pleased to announce that there would upcoming parish cluster meetings scheduled for clerks and chair’s for:

o   Netheravon, Enford, Fittleton-Cum-Haxton-Milston

o   Amesbury, Durrington, Bulford

o   North of A303 - Shrewton, Orcheston, Tilshead

o   South of A303 – Berwick St James, Winterbourne Stoke, South Newton, Great Wishford, Woodford

o   Dates would be communicated on to all


Christian Lange of Berwick St James Parish Meeting gave a brief update regarding a village meeting on climate change they had held what they could do as a community. A survey had also been undertaken on what actions they could take. There had been a 45% return rate, about 70% of people were either extremely or very concerned around climate change and 90% of respondents thought they should try to do something together as a village to help address the issues. They would also hold a couple of information sessions where films could be shown to provide further information.  The Chairman stated there would also be a session in February on mitigating climate change.


·       Paths4All

Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling announced that there would be an online Paths4All meeting on 3 February and encouraged people willing to work proactively on projects to join. There were funds available to support projects. 


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