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Retender of Good Lives Alliance Framework

*       Report of the Chief Executive



Cllr Jane Davies, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and Inclusion presented a report providing an outline of the services commissioned by Wiltshire Council, how this offer would be developed and a proposed procurement route to achieve this, with the aim of supporting and stabilising the market.


Cllr Davies outlined that Cabinet was asked to approve the approach to recommissioning Wiltshire’s Framework for purchasing which currently included residential and nursing care, transitional step up/step down services supported living services as live services, to approve the proposed procurement approach to achieve this.Additionally, it was stated that Wiltshire Council had the option to include other spot purchased services within the new framework e.g., unregulated outreach support, extra care, Individual Service Funds, respite and short breaks, parent enabling, day and evening opportunities.


Cllr Davies also stated that the Framework would be in place for up to 3 years with an option to extend for 2 years and would enable providers to join at any time (as long as specific criteria are met).


Cllr Laura Mayes questioned how easy it would be to add services to the Framework if they were wanted by individuals and weren’t currently offered, to which Cllr Davies stated that the Framework was open and flexible so that providers could be added.


Cllr Laura Mayes referred to the Supporting Young People on their Journey to Adulthood Report 2022, which had been written by the Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living (WCIL) with emphasis placed on individuals being able to make their own choices. This was supported by Cllr Davies who noted that coproduction had been at the heart of the Framework paper.


Cllr Caroline Thomas questioned where there was a mechanism in place for feedback to be provided and then available to others who might be making decisions about services. It was clarified by Andy Brown (Section 151 Officer) that the Council looks to include feedback on any contracts and that this would be included as part of the overall contract monitoring process. Additionally, Cllr Davies noted that stakeholder feedback was encouraged through an internal feedback system.


Cllr Gordon King, Vice-Chair of Health Select Committee noted that the Committee had received a comprehensive briefing on the Good Lives Alliance and that this was a good and comprehensive assessment of the Alliance programme and Framework. Cllr King noted that there were aspects of the report that the Health Select Committee liked, including but not limited to, the quality assurance framework, the annual review of packages and the allocation of commissioners and personalisation of care. The Committee was unanimously satisfied that the Framework could be supported.


Cllr Dr Brian Mathew stated that the Framework reminded him of the motion moved in 2018 to scale up the Shared Lives initiative, which was a programme to help give clients a better life in terms of living as well as helping carers by providing income. Cllr Mathew updated that he had had the opportunity to meet with the Shared Lives team at their Christmas gathering and that it would be positive to raise the profile of the Shared Lives initiative as it would be of benefit to many residents of Wiltshire. Cllr Davies responded that the Council is actively recruiting for providers and is constantly trying to promote the service, which now has a new offer including support from hospital.


At the conclusion of discussion, it was,




  • That the approval of a new price model is delegated to the Corporate Director for Resources in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, SEND and Inclusion.


  • Procurement and award of a new framework from 4 September 2023.


  • That the decision to award contracts against the framework is delegated to the Corporate Director for Resources in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, SEND and Inclusion.


Reason for decision:


The purpose of this paper is to provide an update to Cabinet on the Wiltshire Council procurement process for Whole Life Commissioning services and sets out the approach to be taken.


Procuring an open framework under the light touch regime will ensure that all providers are vetted and evaluated to ensure they adhere to legal and quality standards and financial parameters. Successful providers will join the open framework, which will be clearly publicised to customers, carers, and practitioners. People assessed under the Care Act as requiring care and support services will then be placed with the most appropriate service, using a combination of customer choice, geography, availability, etc – with the most cost-effective option that meets need.

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