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Agenda item

Community Engagement Manager Update

·         Area Board Review

·         Deciding on Area Board priorities for 2022/23

·         Changes in the grants criteria

·         Rural Youth Outreach Project



Richard Rogers – Community Engagement Manager briefly outlined the     following:


Area Board Review


That the Area Board model was introduced in 2009 and had delivered significant progress to develop stronger, more resilient and connected communities since its inception.


That the overall objectives of the Area Boards remain consistent today however, in an operating model more than 12 years old it was natural that certain elements were subject of review and refresh to ensure they were meeting the current needs of local communities.


That the aspiration of the review was to build on the excellent practice and evident success of the Area Boards and to address areas where there was inconsistency in practice and approach.


That the number of boards, overall format, structure and local autonomy were not part of the review.


That a period of research, analysis and review of data between the Cabinet Member, Portfolio Holder and key Officers had been carried out.


That an Overview and Scrutiny process followed between January – March 2022, had resulted in 24 recommendations.


These were adopted into a single member decision paper on Area Board arrangements which was ratified on the 6 May 2022.



Changes in the Grants Criteria


That funding was available to voluntary and community sector organisations that could show a need for financial support up to a total of £5,000. Town and Parish councils were eligible to apply for revenue funding, in respect of Youth Grants or Older and Vulnerable AdultGrants, where they were able to show a need for financial support.


Matched funding requirement had reduced from £1,000 to £500.


That applications must be received at least four weeks before an Area Board.


That applications must highlight how they were meeting two aims of WC Business Plan andan Area Board local priority – grant system would reflect this.


That an organisation could apply for a maximum of two projects/ bids per annum across all eighteen boards. Each project/ bid canrequest funding from up to three boards.





Rural Youth Outreach Project - Suggested next steps for Tidworth Community Area


Tidworth & Ludgershall


To continue to support the establishment of a permanent youth offer in Ludgershall. This would include:


·         Contact Andrew Watson (Yellow Brick Road) who was working with young people on the Andover / Ludgershall boarder and also with the police. was it worth linking Andover & Ludgershall? There were already 13 children under the radar.


·         Contact Tony Pickernell / Ludgershall Town Clerk as they may have a list of all the ex-volunteers and one or two maybe keen to step up again.


·         9 volunteers came forward at the Youth event, we need to re connect with those 9. We may need to put on another pop-up event with those volunteers on board and start the process of DBS etc and further training.


Establish who else in the area is providing events/anything/special days for Youths? Link into these.


Speak to leisure manager about promoting activities and providing others e.g. Ask Leisure centre manager why Wheelchair basketball has stopped as so many have mentioned they are missing it.


Continue to promote Tidworth Youth Club.


Work with the AWS and develop closer relationships including attending pop-up events and helping to promote their activities.


To consider how young people in the villages could access positive activities.


Look at joint working across community areas such as mobile outreach, supporting existing clubs and organisations etc.



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