Agenda item

Update to Wiltshire Local Development Scheme

Report of the Chief Executive



Cllr Nick Botterill, Cabinet member for Finance, Development Management and Strategic Planning introduced a report which sought approval for a revised Local Development Scheme (LDS).


Cabinet received questions from Anne Henshaw, Cllr Ernie Clark and Cllr Clare Cape in relation to this report, copies which were available to read in agenda supplement 2 on the Council’s website here.


Supplementary questions were asked by Anne Henshaw and Cllr Clare Cape. In response, the Leader, and Cllr Botterill made the following comments and a copy of the recording is available at this link:


·       It was acknowledged that further work was required in response to the consultation considered by Cabinet in June 2021. ,

·       Housing need should be associated with the needs of the County

·       The consultation on Regulation 19 will shape the outcomes in the process

·       The Local Transport Plan 4 consultation results would be fed into the LPR process, where possible

·       Use of brownfield land is supported. The development of brownfield sites can be problematic and expensive. There are associated issues not in the control of the Council, although the Council would continue to be proactive in this area, including the ongoing lobbying of MPs.

·       Officers are  analysing earlier consultation results and will consider how best to engage residents at Regulation 19 stage

·       The Council aims to resolve competing interests, it was acknowledged that different views are often made.


Cllr Botterill reported that the LDS was last update in November 2021 and now included revised timelines for both the Gypsies and Travellers Plan and Wiltshire Local Plan Review (LPR) reflecting an updated plan period to 2038. This was in response to the consultation and further work undertaken on housing need and employment evidence following Cabinet in June 2021.


Cabinet noted the next key stage will be publication of draft plans for consultation (Regulation 19 stage), with the LPR consultation scheduled to commence in quarter 3 of 2023 and the Gypsies and Travellers Plan scheduled for quarter 4 of 2023. Additional time is required to ensure that the LPR is underpinned by a robust and sound evidence base prior to it being tested at Public Examination.  


Cllr Christopher Williams, Vice-Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee, speaking on behalf of Cllr Jerry Kunkler, Chair of the Environment Select Committee, confirmed that the Select Committee received a presentation on progress with the Wiltshire Local Plan Review and the Gypsies and Travellers Plan on 20 September 2022. The Select Committee sought details on the timelines, the consultation process, and being consistent with national framework policies. Comments were made on alignment with the council’s Climate Strategy and the Local Transport Plan. The Select Committee will continue to monitor the development of the Gypsies and Travellers Plan and Wiltshire Local Plan.


Cllr Thorn commented on the following:


·       The extension of timescales to 2038, as reflected in the revised LDS

·       The hierarchy employed for market towns remaining the same

·       Expectations in relation to the consultation process and the need to reflect any changes following consultation to be included in future documents




i.               That Cabinet: Approves the revised Local Development Scheme      and that this is brought into effect through publication on the        Council’s website.


ii.             Authorises the Chief Planning Officer in consultation with the        Cabinet Member for Finance, Development Management and   Strategic Planning to make minor amendments to the Local          Development Scheme, where necessary, before publication.


Reason for decision:


The Council as Local Planning Authority has a legal duty to maintain its Local Development Scheme. In the light of the public interest in the Local Plan, this update to the LDS has been brought to Cabinet for approval.


Supporting documents: