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Agenda item

Area Board Priority Update

To receive updates from Lead Councillors for the local Area Board priorities.


·       Positive activities for young people – Cllr Gavin Grant

·       Green Issues – Cllr Martin Smith

·       Reducing loneliness and social isolation – Cllr Chuck Berry

·       Highway Safety – Cllr Elizabeth Threlfall

·       Community resilience – Cllr Gavin Grant


The Area Board received the following updates from the respective Councillors regarding the following local Area Board priorities:


Positive activities for young people – Cllr Gavin Grant

·       Work is being conducted to get Malmesbury Local Youth Network meetings up and running again.

·       The Area Board has a partnership with the RISE Trust, which has provided professional youth outreach and drop in work (co-funded with Malmesbury Town Council). This is looking to be sustained and developed.

·       The Youth Survey from Wiltshire Council has now been undertaken by Malmesbury School, with important issues and matters identified. Councillor Grant and the Kim Power, the Mayor of Malmesbury have met with the Headteacher to discuss the issues raised and how they could be responded to.

·       Work has been completed by the Stay Safe Initiative, with bullying identified as an issue within the survey feedback. This work has also expanded to primary schools.

·       There has been a growth of youth drama workshops provided by The Last Baguette Theatre Company.


Green Issues – Cllr Martin Smith

·       A networking event on Climate Action is being planned for later in 2023, with the purpose of assembling related groups to share ideas.

·       Public EV charging points projects in Malmesbury and Sherston are progressing using Joju Solar (Wiltshire Council Partners). Such projects have been reliant upon multiple grant funding with the charging point in Sherston set to be on the High Street and the Malmesbury project at survey stage. There is also the potential for an installation at Cowbridge Mill.

·       Regarding the Adopt a Street project, there has been no reported progress on this from Malmesbury Town Council but this will be investigated.

·       A signed cycle route between Malmesbury and Sherston is set to be completed in March through the LHFIG, with other cycle routes looking to be identified to increase connectivity between Malmesbury and surrounding villages.

·       The roll out of the Solar Together Wiltshire scheme is progressing.

·       On 28th April 2023 in the Malmesbury Town Hall Assembly Rooms at 7.30pm a talk is set to take place by Rob Hopkins, one of the founders of the Transition Towns Movement about sustainable towns and communities.


Reducing loneliness and social isolation – Cllr Chuck Berry

·       It was acknowledged that everyone is currently going through a period of crisis together, with parishes identifying those who are suffering through isolation.

·       The Health and Wellbeing Forum is set to meet on Wednesday.

·       Bringing people together will improve the position of isolation.


Highway Safety – Cllr Elizabeth Threlfall

·       Work is being done with the Malmesbury LHFIG to plan and implement small highways projects to improve local roads with several schemes currently being finalised.

·       Lobbying has taken place to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for more support on speeding enforcement and the use of data from speed monitoring devices.

·       Lobbying has taken place for the Police to support a Lorry Watch Scheme.

·       Local schools have been encouraged to apply for a 20mph speed limit outside of their gates during collection and drop off times.


Community Resilience – Cllr Gavin Grant

·       Active engagement has taken place with the Malmesbury Town Team to work with those in the hospitality industry, providers, and retailers.

·       Reference was made to the challenges faced this winter with support having been provided by the Area Board as well as a leaflet distributed that included information about Warm Spaces, activities, and support.

·       The Community Fridge and Freezer has now been open for 6 months and has been receiving daily deliveries.

·       The Community Wardrove at the Riverside Centre has opened.

·       Malmesbury received £10,000 from the Wiltshire Council High Street Fund.

·       The Community Safety Forum will be returning.




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