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Agenda item

Wiltshire Police

To receive an update from Wiltshire Police on local issues.


The Area Board received an update from Inspector Louis McCoy on behalf of Wiltshire Police. The update covered the following matters:

·       Inspector McCoy provided an overview of the recent team changes as well as the responsibilities that he had been given since joining the team in January 2023.

·       It was noted that the Response and Neighbourhood Teams had now been realigned to be under one structure, which would lead to a joined-up partnership approach to resolving problems. An example of the success of this work was cited as a local harm causer who had been charged with a violent offence in the past 5 days.

·       Fortnightly tasking meetings take place in Wiltshire Police with a view to identifying longer term problems, repeat themes, offenders, victims, and feedback from the community.

·       Inspector McCoy invited PC Charles Joseph, a student officer to speak about his journey and progression since joining the Police in December 2021.

·       Reference was drawn to the report attached to the agenda, which outlined the following areas as local priorities:

a)    Repeat Offenders

b)    Anti-Social Behaviour

c)     Community Engagement

·       An overview of Project Zero was provided, which involved the Roads Policing Unit and partners attending locations of public concern regarding anti-social driving and speed complaints and target through various intelligence means drink and drug drivers. This led to 1 arrest for drug driving, 14 fixed penalty tickets, 12 traffic offence reports and 3 vehicles seized for disqualified driving or no insurance offences.

·       The report also included snapshots of the work of PCSO Becky Walsh and PC Jo Phelps to demonstrate Police activity Malmesbury as well as community investigations.

·       Attention was drawn to private space violence, with it noted that in January 2023 over 50% of the violence that occurred in Malmesbury was Private Space violence and Domestic Abuse. It was stressed that the Police can’t deal with such statistics alone and therefore need to work with Councillors and local charities to help spot the signs of such abuse and help those in need to seek support.


Following the update there was time for the following questions and points to be raised:

·       It was questioned what the underlying cause of the Private Space violence and Domestic Abuse might be and whether this was linked to covid or the Cost-of-Living crisis. It was stated by Inspector McCoy that there was no statistics or figures however poverty and cashflow had always been a factor in the causation of arguments and domestic incidents.

·       Positive feedback was provided regarding PCSO Beck Walsh who had followed up successfully on an illegal car rally having had it mentioned to her on the same day.

·       It was questioned what the Area Board could do to support the Police as it seemed as though they were under-resourced from a vehicular perspective. To which it was clarified that the Police have touchdown points at the Local Council Hub and that though bikes are used in the Malmesbury area, this can sometimes become difficult with distance. Inspector McCoy confirmed work is being conducted towards vehicle solutions.

·       The Chairman thanked Inspector McCoy and the team for their work as well as welcoming back Sergeant Kate Smith.


The Chairman noted that attached to the agenda pack and the agenda supplement were respective updates in relation to the proposed Police Precept increase as well as a Road Safety Update from Wiltshire Police.

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