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Agenda item

School Budget Decisions 2023-24

Schools Forum will be asked to consider the School Budgets for 2023-24 and make relevant decisions using the decisions matrix.


The Chair led the Forum though the Decision Matrix and the decisions as detailed below were made:


Resolved: That Schools Forum


Overall budget


1.     Agree to set the overall Schools Budget at the level of the DSG Settlement – namely £452,296,572. 


Central Schools Services Block


2.     Note the Local Authority Decision (Section A) to set the budget at £0.457 million for central copyright licences for 2023-24. 


3.     Agree as follows the Section B expenditure for the Central Schools Services:


i)       Education Welfare Service                         £0.221 million

ii)     Asset Management                                       £0.206 million

iii)    Statutory/Regulatory duties                       £0.743 million

iv)    Admissions                                                     £0.474 million

v)     Servicing of Schools Forum                       £0.003 million

vi)    Centrally retained Teachers

      additional pension costs                             £0.127 million


4.     Agree as follows the central spend on historic commitments (Section C):


i)       Funding for LAC Personal Education Plans be funded at £0.103 million;

ii)     Funding for Child Protection Officer in Schools Adviser at £0.056 million; and

iii)    Prudential Borrowing at £0.076 million.


5.         Note that these allocations allow a transfer of £0.133 million to support the high needs block.

Schools Block – Delegated Budget


6.     Agree to apply all the funding factors at the 2023-24 NFF rates.


7.     Note the stability and impact of the Sparsity factor.


8.     Agree to set the Minimum Funding Guarantee at a level of +0.5%.


9.     Agree that the Growth fund be set at £0.533 million split as £0.1 million Infant Class Size and £0.433 million basic need.


10.  Agree to transfer up to a maximum of £1.716 million (0.5%) from School’s block to High Needs block.


11.  Agree that the budgets for De-delegation of central services be as follows:


i)       Access Budget Software                   £57,105

ii)     FSM Eligibility                                      £30,218

iii)    Trade Union                                          £28,064 (total budget academies

                                                                   & Maintained is £76,000)

iv)    EMAS & Travellers                            £589,911  (Primary only)

v)     Behaviour support                            £694,579  (Primary only)

vi)    Maternity supply                                £606,825

vii)  School Improvement (LAMB)         £459,000


High Needs Block  


12.  Set the Minimum Funding Guarantee for Special Schools uplift at 3% between 2021-22 and 2023-24 as required by DfE guidance.


13.  Set the 2023-24 funding for Special Schools to increase by 3.4% (place and top up) in line with mainstream schools as per revised DfE Guidance of 11 January 2023 (Note the use of the DfE’s Supplementary funding grant of £2.9 million).


14.  Note the pressures on the high needs block for 2023-24 and the potential options to reduce the shortfall against high needs budgets including agreeing a transfer from Schools Block to balance the high needs pressures.


15.  Note the investment from the Local Authority’s transformation reserve of £1.6m.  This will pre-date and align with Delivering Better Value funding from the DfE.


16.  Provide views on the approach to deploy the additional High Needs Block funding in 2023-24, funding the Special Schools minimum funding guarantee and invest in early help, prevention and long term recovery.


Early Years Block


17.  Agree to increase the current rate of 2-year-old funding to £5.75 and 3 and 4-year-old funding to £4.68 per hour.


18.  Note that pay inflation will be added at 9% to the central early years’ teams reflecting the above inflation pay increase in 2022-23 and the 4.5% estimate for 2023-24 financial years.


19.  Note the deprivation and rurality increase to reflect current spending levels at £300,000.


20.  Note that all other funding factors remain at current 2022-23 levels or funded levels.


21.  Note that Inclusion Support Fund will be set at £0.359 million and that the Early Years block is to fund the Early Years Inclusion Support Fund at the current level and the High Needs Block to allocate £0.180 million to increase support available in line with the SEN strategy around prevention.


22.  Agree up to £828 per child for 2023-24 from the Disability Access Fund – the local authority to passport the funding.


23.  Agree to the uplift in funding for Pupil Premium to be set at £0.62 per hour – the local authority to passport the funding.


24.  Agree to ensure that at least 95% of funding is passed through to providers. 




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