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Agenda item

Business Plan and Service Plan Update

A report is provided updating on the business planning process for the council, the link to the activity of ageing and living well and whole life pathway and the progress against that activity. The Committee is asked to note the update and use the information contained to help focus future scrutiny activity.



Cllr Jane Davies, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, SEND, Transition and Inclusion, Emma Legg, Director of Ageing and Living Well, and Daniel Wilkins, Head of Service for Learning Disability and Autism, briefly presented a report to the Committee on how the Council’s activity would meet the priorities of the Business Plan around ageing and living well following a more detailed briefing occurring the week prior.


As such, it was reiterated that within the report there were 13 planned series of activities across 7 services areas within Adult Social Care as a whole and the objectives of such directly address 6 of the 10 Business Plan Mission Statements, therefore demonstrating the scope of the work being undertaken and its impact across the corporate Business Plan. Officers highlighted that there were already KPIs in place against the activities being undertaken or if there were not then they were under development in order to measure the impacts and outcomes for residents. Prevention was noted as being a key theme across the Plan with the creation and development of a new Prevention and Wellbeing Team alongside an Intensive Enablement Service, both of which striving to continue supporting residents of all ages to maximise their independence, safety and wellbeing.


Cllr Richard Clewer, Leader of the Council, commended the work made by officers and assured Members on the extent to which the Business Plan was being utilised, put into action and delivered through the different Service Delivery Plans in a cohesive manner.


During the discussion, Members considered workforce and staffing issues for Adult Social Care both in the public and private spheres, and how officers were proposing to attract potential candidates and retain existing staff. The reduction in day services such as lunch clubs was raised, and Members queried the impact of this on providing support to vulnerable adults. Officers explained that the new Prevention and Wellbeing Team and other support officers would look to focus on people new to social care and to work on managing long term universal, innovative and, at times, bespoke methods of care that wouldn’t lead to a reliance on paid for services. It was further noted that under the new change in grant conditions, groups were being encouraged to apply for the new open framework as this would provide assurance for residents on concerns such as safeguarding and would work to empower groups to be proactive, have conversations with residents and to seek cohesive advice in order to ensure that people who need care had the ability to access provisions in the right place at the right time. Officers further emphasised that they were working to ensure that residents had the information and support necessary to make informed choices and that there was still a lot of work to be done to achieve the goals set out in the plan.


Housing was discussed and it was suggested that officers liaise with Planning Officers with regard to proposing that certain conditions be included within development plans for provisions such as Extra Care Housing and if this could be included alongside deliberations being had across Wiltshire communities in regard to their Local Plans. It was highlighted that further discussions would need to be had due to strict limitations imposed upon such planning matters, however officers’ ambitions aligned with the suggestion. 


At the conclusion of the discussion, it was:




To note the information on the Council’s business planning process and activity of the Ageing & Living Well and Whole-Life Pathway services following the detailed online briefing provided for Committee Members on 11 January 2023.


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