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Agenda item

Budget Monitoring

Report of the Interim Chief Finance Officer to follow



Cllr John Brady, Cabinet member for Finance, Performance and Risk presented a report which informed Cabinet of progress in delivering savings identified in the 2011-15 Financial Plan in relation to the 2011-12 base budgets and of any significant new cost pressures.


It was noted that significant levels of savings, 87% were on target to be delivered with areas that required further examination and action being highlighted in the report.


The overall assumption was that without further action, the current monitoring of the first quarter for 2011/12, suggested an overspend / shortfall on the balanced budget of £5 million. The early identification of potential issues was part of sound and prudent financial management. The position was similar to the previous year and Cabinet was reminded that positive early action in that instance resulted in a turn around to a £700k underspend at outturn.


Action to address this year’s forecast should thus be taken where officers have the delegated powers to do so and this has started. Cllr Brady responded to questions.


Public Participation


Mr Gould addressed Cabinet on car parking charges in Salisbury. He commented that whilst the reintroduction of a 1 hour parking scheme would help, it would not solve all problems and that the Council should review all the bands.


Mr Stevens made similar points and commented that retailers not affiliated to any of the established organisations should also be involved.


Cllr Tonge, Cabinet member for Highways and Transport drew Cabinet’s attention to a joint memorandum as tabled from the Salisbury City Centre Management Ltd, Federation of Small Businesses in Salisbury and Salisbury and District Chamber of Commerce. The memorandum included a set of proposals for a revised parking regime in Salisbury. Cllr Tonge also submitted a Briefing Note which detailed the revenue implications of adopting the suggested proposals.


The Leader explained that in reviewing car parking charges the 2 hour parking charge was introduced in good faith and in the belief that it was preferred over a 1 hour scheme. It had since transpired that in fact a 1 hour scheme was wanted by several organisations in Salisbury. The Leader suggested that a meeting be arranged as soon as possible between Cllr Tonge and appropriate representatives from Salisbury to consider options, concentrating on the 1 hour parking proposals and possible funding arrangements.




(a)          That Cabinet notes the outcome of the first quarter budget monitoring and receives updates as to how officers had taken action to address potential shortfalls in order to balance the budget or where Financial Regulations required, be in a position to take decisions on proposals for alternative savings at the next Cabinet meeting.


(b)          That a meeting be arranged between the Leader of the Council, Cllr Jane Scott; Cllr Tonge, Cabinet member for Highways and Transport and appropriate representatives of Salisbury to consider options with a view to exploring the feasibility and funding options for reintroducing a one hour parking charge in Salisbury.


Reason for Decision


To inform effective decision making and ensure a sound financial control environment.


To explore feasibility and funding options of reintroducing a 1 hour parking scheme for Salisbury in response to representations made.



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