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Agenda item

Draft Police and Crime Plan for Wiltshire

Report by Dr Carlton Brand, Corporate Director








 The Leader presented a report which asked Cabinet to consider and comment on the Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan as presented.


The Leader referred Cabinet to a report as presented which, subject to the comments at this meeting, would be used as the basis of this Council’s formal response to the Plan.


During the debate, it was agreed to incorporate the following comments into the Council’s response:


·         Safeguarding – Plan to be strengthened in this vital area rather than just the cursory mention under ‘protecting the most vulnerable in society’


·         Area Boards – no mention of how the outcomes set out in the Plan would be achieved bearing in mind their capacity to deliver and resources needed to support them and volunteers. Acknowledgement needed of the important role of Community Area Partnerships.


·         Neighbourhood Teams – noting these worked very well with Area Boards and Town, Parish and City Councils, no reassurance given that they will be protected. To acknowledge the depth of support required to co-ordinate volunteers and provide them with support and training.


·         Licensing – Plan needs to be strengthened in this area. Little understanding shown of how licensing was delivered or the fact the Council was the Licensing Authority. No mention made of the Pub Watch scheme, under age sales and no link with the health agenda.


·         Domestic Abuse – very little mention on such an important and serious issue.


·         Community Safety Partnership – to be strengthened in Plan given it was a statutory body with statutory duties and to keep up the momentum of the excellent work carried out by the Partnership over the last four years and the requirement of the Commissioner to take account of the Community Safety Partnership Plan.


·         Partnership Working – to highlight current successful collaborative working between partner organisations and to build on those successes.


·         Rural Crime – given Wiltshire was a rural County, no mention of rural crime and relevant initiatives such as Farm Watch.


·         Reported Crime – emphasis should be to urge the reporting of crime rather than to reduce the number of reported crime.


Cllr Richard Britton, Chairman of the Police and Crime Panel referred to the report as presented of the Panel dated 1 March which detailed the Panel’s comments and specific recommendations on the Plan.


Whilst agreeing with the thrust of the comments already made, added that the Plan was very broad in its approach with no reference to priorities, timescales for its delivery, key areas for resourcing or making reference to the different crime groups eg vehicle, burglary. This in turn would not enable members of the public, the Council or its partners to monitor or measure its implementation or hold the Commissioner to account.


Cllr Britton was disappointed there had been no engagement by the Commissioner with relevant Cabinet members to achieve collaborative working thus avoiding duplication of work and resources.


Whilst agreeing that the Plan fell short in a number of areas as highlighted, the Leader acknowledged that this was the Commissioner’s first Plan, the newness of the post of Commissioner and the onerous challenge of producing it within the very tight time constraints.


The Leader explained that a good and constructive relationship between the Council and the Commissioner was both important and critical. This was particularly so given the budgetary pressures on public services which would require partner organisations to work more and more closely to use diminishing resources effectively and achieve the best outcomes for the residents of Wiltshire.




That Cabinet approve the report on the Wiltshire Police and Crime Plan as presented at Appendix 3 to form the basis of the Council’s response and delegate to the Leader of the Council the final wording of the response incorporating the views expressed at this meeting as detailed above in this minute.


Reason for Proposal


To provide Wiltshire Council’s view on the Wiltshire Police and Crime Plan.

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