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Agenda item

Age UK Contracts 2016 and beyond

 Report by Maggie Rae, Corporate Director


 Cllr Keith Humphries, Cabinet Member for Health, presented a report which set out a proposal for entering into two agreements with a single Age UK organisation covering the whole of Wiltshire. It was noted that the report was required in advance of two exemptions from the Council’s procurement regulations so that the Council and Clinical Commissioning Group could enter into a long term investment grant and a separate community services contract with Age UK.


In making his presentation, Cllr Keith Humphries stated that as the management of the new Wiltshire Age UK had not yet been appointed, he asked that the recommendation be amended to delegate the final decision to the Associate Director to allow further negation to take place.


In response to issues raised at the meeting, Cllr Keith Humphries agreed that a meeting should take place with relevant parties so that Age UK could take full part in the efforts to devolve more Health and Wellbeing activity to Community Area level.




1.    To delegate authority to the Corporate Director following consultation with the Cabinet Member for Health, to conclude negotiations in entering into a long term investment grant in partnership with the CCG with Age UK for a total maximum term of four years based on a two year agreement with the option to extend the agreement for an additional two years based on the agreement of the parties.


2.    To enter into a one year community services contract exempt from the procurement regulations.


3.    To arrange a meeting of the Chairs of Health & Wellbeing Groups, Community Engagement Managers and Age UK to discuss possibilities to deliver priorities together.


Reasons for Decision


1.    This proposal has been made so as to ensure there are a range of effective and robust community based prevention services available across the County of Wiltshire. The proposal will provide the Council and CCG with a key strategic partner with which to achieve shared objectives around developing resilient communities and delivering services within the community. The proposal will deliver efficiencies through rationalising the allocation of resources ensuring best value is achieved.


2.    The recommendation to enter into a two year agreement with a single Age  UK organisation will give commissioners from across the CCG and the Council the opportunity to develop a strategic partnership with Age UK which can be used to drive community based prevention activities, deliver the shared objectives set out in this document and support strategic objectives shared by both the council and CCG delivered through the Health and Well Being Board.


3.    The strategic partnership will also be a key element of working across the system to ensure that prevention, information and voluntary services are coordinated and deliver the best value for both health and care sectors.



4.    The optional extension will be considered based on the service providers’ ability to evidence how it is delivering the objectives shared by the commissioning organisations and that they can work as a key strategic partner across the system. A report will be submitted for the cabinet’s consideration in the autumn of 2017 setting out the impact of extending the long term investment grant based on the data collated during the term.


5.    The Community service contract will give commissioners the time to agree how these services will be delivered after April 2017.


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