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Wiltshire Council's Financial Plan 2017/18

The Wiltshire Council Financial Plan Update 2017/18 has already been published and can be accessed on the following link:


Please copy into your browser if necessary. If you have any trouble in accessing these documents, please contact Yamina Rhouati, Democratic Governance Manager on 01225 718024

The following additional documents will be made available with the Cabinet papers, once they have been published:

·        Report of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee

·        Minutes of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee 1 February 2017

·        Minutes of the Group Leaders Meeting with Trade Union Representatives 3 February 2017



The Leader presented the report which outlined the draft proposals to Council at its budget meeting on 21 February 2017 for the adoption of Wiltshire Council’s Financial Plan 2017/18. In addition, the Leader presented amendments to these proposals, circulated at the meeting and available as a supplement.


It was noted that the amendments had been considered by the relevant officers and judged to be vires and deliverable, would do not impact adversely on the substantive proposals as they would not change the net budget requirement, the level of Council Tax or reserves proposed.


The Leader invited Councillor Dick Tonge to present the budget report and other Cabinet Members to highlight any proposals within their respective portfolios.


The Leader invited Councillor Simon Killane and Councillor Glenis Ansell to comment on the scrutiny process. The report of the Financial Planning Task Group chaired by Cllr Ansell held on 27 January and the report of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee chaired by Cllr Killane held on 1 February as published were referred to. The Leader thanked scrutiny for its input into the budget process. The Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee would at its meeting on 14 February consider any opposition amendments to the budget. The Leader suggested that this would be an opportunity for Scrutiny to consider the Administration’s amendments presented and this was agreed by Cllr Killane.


The s151 Officer confirmed that there had not been final confirmation from the Government as to the financial settlement, and that any movement would be dealt with from reserves.




To recommend that Council:


a. Endorses the update of the Financial Plan for 2017/18.


b. Approve the investment and savings proposals summarised at Sections 7 and 9 respectively of this report and at Appendix 1, to provide a net revenue budget for 2017/18 of £311.351 million.


c. To vote separately:


i. Set the Council’s total net expenditure budget for 2017/18 at £311.351 million.


ii. Revise the Social Care Levy proposed to Council in October 2016 and propose a further 1% increase to 3%, with the Council Tax increase remaining in line with Council’s October decision, at 1.99%


iii. Approve the Capital programme proposed at Appendix 1E of this report.


iv. Set the changes in fees and charges set out in detail at Section 8 of and at Appendix 1G of this report.


v. Set a 1% reduction for social dwelling rents.


vi. Set the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Budget for 2017/18 as set out at Appendix 1F of this report.


vii. That all other service charges related to the HRA be increased by CPI plus 1%, including garage rents.


d. That the following amendments be incorporated into the recommendation:


i)             Visit Wiltshire – to limit the reduction in the grant funding to £50,000.

ii)            Wiltshire Parent Carers Council (WPCC), increase investment by £50,000.

iii)           Extend the opening hours at Salisbury (Churchfields), Chippenham (Stanton St Quintin) and Trowbridge (Canal Road) Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) by one day per  week from April to October by investing an additional £175,000.

iv)          Additional £100,000 investment in the development of staff.

To be funded from:

v)            Marketing and communications to find £175,000.

vi)          To fund £200,000 of Preventative Property Maintenance from Whole Life Capital funding.

e.     That the above mentioned amendments to the budget be referred to the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee at its meeting on 14 February 2017 for consideration and comment.


Reason for Decision:


To enable Council to:


Set its revenue, capital, housing revenue accounts, fees and charges, levels of reserves and resultant Council Tax and Social Care Levy for 2017/18, as well as to issue Council Tax and rent bills.


Provide the Council with a strong business and financial plan for sustainable delivery for 2017-18.


Supporting documents:




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