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Agenda item

Report on issues facing the community as a whole

Written Updates attached are:


·       Police

·       Fire & Rescue Service

·       Wiltshire Council Updates – Wiltshire Online

·       Any other comments or reports


The Board noted the written updates attached to the agenda and received the following verbal updates:

Police – Matt Holland and Tina Roylance

In addition to the written report attached to the agenda, PC Matt Holland, Beat Manager for local NHP team explained that Inspector Sparrow was on leave, however he would be in attendance at the next Board meeting in September to give a fuller update on the new Policing model.

Matt would be the Area Coordinator for the area under the new model, bringing continuity and local knowledge to the post.

Henry Clissold based at the local Alderbury station had passed his Sergeants exam, and would be moving to Salisbury. PCSO’s Tina Roylance and Matt Smith would remain in Alderbury and would become the main point of contact for the area.

The team would be looking to provide a written report to each parish council meeting. Although they would not be able to attend every meeting, if required to attend for a specific issue they would try to do so.

The Chairman commented that a police presence at every parish meeting was not expected, but a short message to the clerk to say “nothing to report” would be welcomed.

Tina had circulated the monthly neighbourhood reports for her patch, Matt would be circulating his shortly. Tina urged people to get in contact if they had any requests for her to attend meetings or events.

Questions and comments included:

·       With improved Broadband services in many villages, would it be possible to consider having a regular 5 minute Skype session with the Police to ask any questions? Answer: The Police use a similar system for internal briefings called Lync. This is something we could look in to, to see if it could work.

Fire & Rescue

In addition to the written report attached to the agenda, Cllr Devine gave an update. Everything was going well at Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service. The Chief Fire Officer had recently resigned, this would take effect as of December 2016. A recruitment process would run from September with the aim of having a replacement in post by January 2017.


Wiltshire Council Update – Broadband Commitment

A written report was attached to the agenda. The Chairman noted that the Government was committed to delivering a minimum of 2mbs to every household. The Area Board had previously held a meeting to discuss broadband provision within the community area and those present were asked whether they would like to see this subject return to a future meeting for further discussion. This idea was supported by a small majority in attendance.


Parish Clerks Coffee Morning

Catherine Purves (Clerk to Pitton & Farley PC) had scheduled another Clerks Coffee morning at her house on Tuesday 9 August. Parish clerks for the area were all invited.

Speed limit on the A36, Partridge Hill, Landford.

Cllr Leo Randall explained that residents had asked him to support their request for a reduction in the speed limit on Partridge Hill in Landford, to alleviate some of the associated issues with the current 50mph speed limit.


There was huge support from residents and businesses along the road and further support from the adjoining authority; Test Borough Council to the proposals.

John Martin of Landford parish council had taken up the matter with CATG in general for roads right through the parish, but agreed that there were problems with this section of the road in particular. The parish was trying to get support of the police to get these changes made.

Mr Garnett who lived at top of Partridge Hill informed the Board that the residents had organised a petition to raise awareness of the problems along the A36. There had been a 96% response.

Cllr Randall had spoken to the Cabinet Member who had advised him that this was a matter for the Area Board and therefore asked the Board to support the request for a reduction in the speed limit to 30mph.


Cllr Randall to produce a statement of ambitions and a list of the people in support, so that the board could take the issue forward.


Crossing at Petersfinger Park & Ride

Keith Rodger asked the Board to look into the safety at the crossing next to the Petersfinger Park and Ride as the crossing was invisible to vehicles turning left off the A36 at the traffic lights, making it dangerous for pedestrians.



The Southern Wiltshire Area Board agreed to look into the matter. First it would establish whether this site was within the Southern Wiltshire community area or whether it was in Salisbury.


Community Governance Review


Cllr Ian McLennan gave feedback following the recent decision of Full Council not to allow Laverstock Parish Council to be merged with Salisbury City Council, adding that he was ecstatic with the outcome. From the Area Board’s perspective this meant that the population figures in Laverstock in 2020, should enable us to have another Councillor for Laverstock, which would strengthen our standing.



Carers Support Wiltshire

Diana James explained that a carer was someone who without payment provided care and support to a family member or loved one. Diana and her colleagues worked across the county, providing emotional support, visits to carers, help to put in place funded services, signposting to other organisations and work with partner organisations. Leaflets were circulated at the meeting, the Board thanked Diana and welcomed working with her in the future.


Laverstock & Ford Parish Council

Thanks were given to the Board members for their support and vote which secured the outcome of the Community Governance Review. The parish was now a rural gateway, with a parish council ready to continue to do business for its rural villages.


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