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Agenda item

17/00606/FUL - Link Road Between A3102 and Marlborough Road, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire


Further to the Chairman’s announcements, Cllr Tony Trotman proposed moving Agenda Item 7e forward in the agenda. This was seconded by Cllr Gavin Grant and approved by the Committee.


Members of the public Alan Norman, John Parker and Karen Dykstra spoke against the application.


The applicant’s agent Matthew Dawber spoke in favour of the application.


Cllr Janet Georgiou, Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council, spoke against the application.


The Senior Planning Officer introduced the application for the permanent retention of existing temporary road as an agricultural access. A presentation was shown containing photographs of existing site, both long range and short range, along with diagrams of proposed developments. The Officer’s recommendation was for approval subject to conditions outlined in the report.


Members were invited to ask technical questions. In response to questions, the Officer confirmed that a condition was included requiring the approval of any proposals for the erection of lighting for the road/access and that if the Committee felt it necessary the wording of the condition could be amended to strengthen the position regarding restrictions on lighting. The Officer clarified that this would not and could not stop the submission of future applications for the erection of lighting for the road/access and that any future application would need to be considered on its merits and in the context of material considerations and circumstances relevant at that time.


Members of the public were invited to speak as listed above.


Local Member Cllr Chris Hurst spoke against the application. He stated that approving the application would cause significant harm to the local area, referring to public health concerns and enjoyment of the local area. He explained that the road had originally been built under a certificate of lawfulness to fulfil a specific temporary purpose, with the condition that it would be removed. He said that pledges had been made to residents by Wiltshire Council, in this respect and he urged Members to keep that promise. He also encouraged Members to consider deferring the item, so that alternative proposals, put forward by residents, could be properly investigated if an outright refusal was not considered appropriate.


In the debate that followed Cllr Chris Hurst proposed that the application be refused, based on significant harm to the area. This was seconded by Cllr Gavin Grant. However, Cllr Toby Sturgis expressed concerns that if the Committee refused the application, there was a chance that it could be successful at appeal and for there to be less favourable conditions put in place. He suggested that a deferment may be more suitable, showing that the Committee are willing to consider options and work with the applicant. Consequently, Cllr Hurst withdrew his motion, as did Cllr Grant. Cllr Sturgis proposed a second motion, that the application be deferred to allow the applicant to consider the alternative proposals put forward by residents. This was seconded by Cllr Phillip Whalley and approved by the Committee.



Deferred to offer the applicant an opportunity to consider and respond to alternate scheme proposals tabled by Local Residents. Officers are to report back to Committee as soon as possible after the applicant has identified their intentions in this respect.



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