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Agenda item

17/09830/FUL - 1 Drummer Way, Pewsham, Chippenham, SN15 3UX


Robert Elkins spoke in support of the application


The Development Control Team Leader introduced the application which was for a two storey side extension and mono-pitch garden storage with internal alterations to the main house. It was recommended the application be approved, subject to the conditions outlined in the report. A location plan, existing and proposed site plan, photographs and proposed elevations were shown. The officer highlighted there would be some overlooking of terraced properties nearby as a result of the development, however not at a sufficient level to warrant refusal.


The Committee was invited to ask technical questions, in response to which it was confirmed that Permitted Development Rights could be removed from the development. The distance between the new development and neighbouring properties was confirmed, as was parking arrangements. It was acknowledged the proposal may slightly darken the gardens of neighbouring properties, however not to a significant degree.


Members of the public were invited to speak as detailed above.


Cllr Hutton spoke on behalf of the local member Cllr Cape who had requested that, should permission be granted, it be conditioned to tie the development to the main house to prevent it from being subdivided. Cllr Hutton noted this matter was already accounted for in the officer’s recommendations.


In the debate that followed, Cllr Hutton moved the officer’s recommendation, subject to a standard condition for the removal of Permitted Development Rights, seconded by Cllr Grant.




That planning permission be GRANTED, subject to the conditions listed below (the standard wording for the removal of permitted development rights was to be determined by officers):


1.    The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission.


REASON: To comply with the provisions of Section 91 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.


2.    The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans:


Location Plan, Drawing number 560/PL/01 (7/8/17) received by the LPA on 9th October 2017

Existing and Proposed Site Plans, Drawing number 560/PL/02b (7/8/17) received by the LPA on 8th December 2017

Existing Ground Floor Plan, Drawing number 560/PL/03 (7/8/17) received by the LPA on 9th October 2017

Existing Elevation, Drawing number 560/PL/05 (7/8/17) received by the LPA on 9th October 2017

Existing First Floor Plan, Drawing number 560/PL/04 (7/8/17) received by the LPA on 9th October 2017

Proposed Ground Floor Plan, Drawing number 560/PL/06a (7/8/17) received by the LPA on 28th November 2017

Proposed First Floor Plan, Drawing number 560/PL/07 (7/8/17) received by the LPA on 9th October 2017

Proposed Elevation, Drawing number 560/PL/08 (8/7/17) received by the LPA on 9th October 2017

Application Form, Section 11: Materials received by the LPA on 8th December 2017


REASON: For the avoidance of doubt and in the interests of proper planning.


3.    No part of the development hereby approved shall be first brought into use until the parking area shown on the approved plans has been consolidated, surfaced and laid out in accordance with the approved details. This area shall be maintained and remain available for this use at all times thereafter.


REASON: To ensure that adequate provision is made for parking within the site in the interests of highway safety.


4.    The accommodation hereby permitted shall not be occupied at any time other than for purposes ancillary to the residential use of the main dwelling, known as '1 Dummer Way' and it shall remain within the same planning unit as the main dwelling.


REASON: The additional accommodation is sited in a position where the Local Planning Authority, having regard to the reasonable standards of residential amenity, access, and planning policies pertaining to the area, would not permit a wholly separate dwelling.


5. Notwithstanding the provisions of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (or any Order revoking or re-enacting or amending that Order with or without modification), there shall be no additions to, or extensions or enlargements of any building forming part of No.1 Dummer Way.


REASON:  In light of the limited size of the domestic curtilage and size of the extension hereby granted planning permission, so as to allow the Local Planning Authority to consider individually whether planning permission should be granted for additions, extensions or enlargements. (The wording of this condition was inserted by officers under delegation).



The applicant should note that the grant of planning permission does not include any separate permission which may be needed to erect a structure in the vicinity of a public sewer. Such permission should be sought direct from Thames Water Utilities Ltd / Wessex Water Services Ltd. Buildings are not normally allowed within 3.0 metres of a Public Sewer although this may vary depending on the size, depth, strategic importance, available access and the ground conditions appertaining to the sewer in question.



The applicant is requested to note that this permission does not affect any private property rights and therefore does not authorise the carrying out of any work on land outside their control. If such works are required it will be necessary for the applicant to obtain the landowners consent before such works commence. If you intend carrying out works in the vicinity of the site boundary, you are also advised that it may be expedient to seek your own advice with regard to the requirements of the Party Wall Act 1996.



Any alterations to the approved plans, brought about by compliance with Building Regulations or any other reason must first be agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority before commencement of work.

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