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Agenda item

Salisbury Recovery Update

An update on the Salisbury Recovery following the major incidents.


In Attendance:

Alistair Cunningham - Corporate Director, & Cllr Pauline Church – Cabinet Member for Salisbury Recovery


Councillor Pauline Church - Cabinet member for Economy and South Wiltshire Recovery and Alistair Cunningham - Chair of the South Wiltshire Recovery Coordinating Group gave an update on the Salisbury Recovery, some of the points covered were:


Salisbury - The good news is all City centre sites had now been handed back clean and were getting back to normal.


Amesbury - Amesbury Baptist Church had been returned to its owners. The clean-up was underway at Boots pharmacy in Stonehenge Walk and at Charlie Rowley’s home in Muggleton Road.


The barricades along the river would come down on Sunday and those at Zizi in a few weeks.


There had been some reports of dead ducks, these ducks were taken away for analysis and all cleared as the cause identified as a bacterial problem.


Impact on Footfall:


      Before the second major incident, footfall in Salisbury had
recovered to 4.2% below the 2017 figure

      Footfall in Salisbury is 13.7% down compared to 2017 figure

      Nationally – town centre footfall is steady at 0.1% below                                         the 2017 figure

      Recent retail survey identifies 17 retail units available - vacancy rate of 7.4%, national average is 11.1% (from BID)


Support to boost the economy:


      Our focus is on supporting businesses and boosting tourism and visitor numbers

      From next Monday - October 1 – parking in council run city centre car parks will be free after 3pm until Christmas Eve

      Five park and ride sites will be free Monday – Saturday

      Around £3.6m has been provided to support the economy by the government, LEP and Wiltshire Council in financial support


Long term support boost to the economy:


      High Street

           Reposition the local economy to be more resilient and sustainable by          revitalising and modernising the high street.  


           Expand and diversify the market base, in particular the visitor market.


           Transform global perception of the city and replace associations of nerve   agent with Salisbury’s culture, heritage and retail offer as the       quintessential           medieval city.


           Set the recovery in the context of the wider development of the         Salisbury/A303 Growth Zone (Boscombe and Boeing, Porton Science Park, A303, A36, Army rebasing) 


Short term support to boost the economy:


      Cllr Pauline Church publishes a weekly blog

      Hosting and promoting range of events in 2018 and 2019

      Salisbury Literary Festival - 16-22 October

      Food and drink markets

      Salisbury Christmas Lights switch on - Thursday 15 November

      A Very Vintage Christmas at The Guildhall - Sunday 25 November

      Salisbury Christmas Market - 29 November - 23 December

      The OVO Energy Cycling Tour

      National Armed Forces Day - 28-30 June


The following comments and questions were received:


·         Recovery and your plans going forward are all about taking Salisbury back to a medieval city, but what are your plans to incorporate a low carbon future? Answer: We are working very closely with LEP, a low carbon future will be a part of that. There has been a lot of noise around carparking, but our park and rides are free, so people do not need to pay to park. Around growth, a lot of that will be low carbon. We want partners to put forward ideas on how we can develop the recovery plan. To help us drive the plan and how we can benefit from the returning military personnel, do get in touch and engage, to bring us some of your ideas.

·         Cllr Walsh – The environment of the city is important, will Zizi have a more subdued paint job on the outside? Answer: It will have a relaxed background colour. We have asked LEP to think about spending funds on things that add value to the centre of Salisbury.

·         Does this money have to spent by 2021? Answer: The plans we have are deliverable, the development partner is onboard. We have good quality names working with us to take space within the development were the library walk is.

·         When working with an old city it is better to retain the old look, Salisbury has not always managed to do this. Building new shops is not helping. Answer: A market walk façade is to be retained.

·         The figure of 13.7% drop in footfall is quite an eyeopener. Will the change in the free carparking to 3pm be a bit premature? Answer: We will keep an eye on the footfall to see impact.

·         Can we have a full list of the costs published at future area boards? Answer: This is something the Board will request for future updates.




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