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Agenda item

Community Area Grants

The Board will consider applications for funding from the Community Area Grant Scheme.



Amount requested

Applicant: Redlynch Parish Council
Project Title: Upgrade to Wiltshire Council owned bus shelters in the parish


Total project cost: £1556.02

Match funding: £778.02 (Parish council - Using funds from general reserve)

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Capital funding available




Officer: Tom Bray, Community Engagement Manager


The Board considered two applications for funding from the Community Area Grants Scheme for 2018/19, as detailed in the agenda and in a supplementary paper, online and circulated at the meeting.


Since submission of the grant request, the Redlynch Parish Council had negotiated with contractors to agree a reduced project cost. The amount requested from the Board was now £500.


There were 7 bus shelters, 5 were standard issue with automatic timetable. We have suffered damage to all 5 of those throughout the village. We are offering match funding of £500.


Comments and questions:

·       Chair – Was the material an approved material for bus shelters? Answer: Yes the polycarbonate should resist air gun pellets.


·       The quote was very reasonable for the work. Following the recent spate of damage, the only sensible solution would be to use polycarbonate.


·       In Laverstock we are also looking to put in 2 new bus shelters next year, would we also be able to put in a request for funding? Answer: We will determine this application now but ask that Tom put together a query to parish councils to see whether group buying could reduce prices. However we do not fund replacements, the work needs to be an upgrade.  Tom – the AB is placed in this position because the council ceases to fund things it used to. We are in a position where we need to consider solutions for these problems. This may be a case where the Board can look at a way forward to assist the other areas across the community area.


·       Cllr McLennan – As this is a bus shelter, it is related to transport so can this come from CATG? Answer: Highways Officer - Yes for upgrade.


·       There is a local resident that cannot use the bus stop in Bishopdown Farm, as with no shelter there is nowhere for her to sit and wait, could that come to CATG? Answer: Yes that could also come to the CATG.



Redlynch Parish Council was awarded £500.00 from CATG budget towards the bus shelter upgrade project.


The Board then considered an additional grant, as detailed in the late papers circulated at the meeting and uploaded online.


Coombe Bissett PC – Improvement works to footpath no. 6.

This footpath is on a sloping steep bank, in some places its little more than 18 inches wide, and people are in danger of slipping down the bank. A local resident has given a reduced rate to carry out the work.




·       Why is the work not being carried out by the CHAV team? Answer: It is a job that involves a small mobile digger and removing tree routes, so not a job they can be asked to do.

·       The PC seem to be only contributing £100, why is that? Answer: It can offer to contribute £200.



Coombe Bissett Parish Council was awarded £660 towards improvements to footpath 6 in Coombe Bissett, with the Parish Council contributing the remaining £200.


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