Agenda item

Area Board Funding

To consider the following applications to the Community grants, Youth Grants and Health and Wellbeing grant Schemes.


Community Grants:

i)               Goatacre Cricket Club requesting £ 3,000 towards a practice net facility

ii)              Calne Wordfest requesting £ 1,920 towards a Young Peoples Digital Creative project

iii)            Calne Town Council requesting £ 195 towards new benches at Newbury Avenue

iv)            Calne Town Council requesting £ 4,218 towards Beversbrook Storage Shed

v)             Calne Town Council requesting £ 3,500 towards the Calne Town Defibrillator project  


Youth Grants:

i)               Calne Town Council requesting £ 2,950 towards street-based youth work

ii)              SPLASH requesting £ 5,000 towards SPLASH in Calne

iii)            ACTS (A Chance to Sparkle) requesting £5,000 towards music and performing arts for young people in the Calne Community Area

iv)            Bridge Youth Project requesting £ 5,000 towards a Thrive Hub Worker


Health and Wellbeing Grants:

i)               Calne Older People/Carers Voices requesting £ 2,000 for Reconnecting social inclusion activities

ii)              Wiltshire and Swindon Users network requesting £ 1,000 towards the Calne Walking Buddies project


Councillor Led projects

To be provided from unspent health and wellbeing funding in 2020/21:

i)               Cllr Crisp requesting £500 to provide ongoing facilitation services to the Calne Voices and Calne Dementia Action Alliance

ii)              Cllr Crisp requesting £ 650 towards the operating costs of Calne Central

iii)            Cllr Crisp requesting £ 2,000 towards a Memorial Garden at Castlefields



Delegated Authority

To note the allocation of funds decided under authority delegated to the Community Engagement Manager and in consultation with the Chair of the Area Board as follows:

i)               Cllr Crisp requesting £ 750 towards ‘Covid Half Term Rescue Packs’




The Community Engagement Manager gave an overview of the grants budget position for 2020/21.  The Area Board noted that the following allocations were available to invest in grant applications:


·       Capital Grant Scheme - £33,704

·       Positive Youth Activities - £15,835

·       Health and Wellbeing/Older Person Champion - £4,184


The Area Board also considered a number of applications made to the Community Area Grants Scheme and were informed of the allocation of funds decided under delegated authority by the Community Engagement Manager in consultation with the Chair of the Area Board.



1.    To note the latest budget position for 2020/21.


2.    To award the following community area grants:


a.    Goatacre Cricket Club £3,000 towards a practice net facility.

b.    Calne Wordfest £1,920 towards young peoples digital creative project

c.    Calne Town Council £195 towards new benches

d.    Calne Town Council £4,218 towards Beversbrook Storage Shed

e.    Calne Town Council £3,500 towards Calne Town defibrillator project


3.    To award the following youth grants:


a.    Calne Town Council £2,950 towards street-based youth work

b.    SPLASH £5,000 towards SPLASH in Calne

c.    ACTS (A Chance to Sparkle) £3,250 for music and performing arts for young people in the Calne Community Area

d.    Bridge Youth Project £4,635 towards a Thrive Hub Worker


4.    To award the following health and wellbeing grants:


a.    Calne Older People/Carers Voices £2,000 towards reconnecting – social inclusion activities

b.    Wiltshire & Swindon Users Network £1,000 towards Calne Walking Buddies project


5.    To note the allocation of funds to Cllr led projects, under delegated authority and with the support of Cllr Crisp:


a.    Voices Group/Dementia Action Alliance - £500 towards ongoing facilitation services

b.    Calne Central - £650 towards operating costs

c.    Castlefields - £2,000 towards a memorial garden

d.    Calne Young People - £750 towards half term rescue packs


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