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Agenda item

Partner Updates

To receive updates from the following partners:


·       Wiltshire Police

·       Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

·       Schools updates

·       Healthwatch Wiltshire

·       CCG B&ANES, Swindon and Wiltshire

·       Town and Parish Councils

·       Devizes indies


In addition to the partner updates in the agenda the following verbal updates were given:


·       Schools updates


Mark Lascelles, Headteacher, Dauntsey’s, gave a brief update stating that the school was COVID free and things were going well although unfortunately some events such as the end of year ball, prize giving and speech day had been cancelled. They were hoping for good teacher assessed grades in the summer.


Ralph Plummer, Headteacher, Lavington School, had submitted a late written report which was read by the Democratic Services Officer summarised as follows:

o   The school had just submitted teacher assessed grades to exam boards

o   They had postponed some transition activities for Year 6 into 7 but continued to deliver some remote elements

o   A large proportion of their Year 6 to 7 pupils had signed up for our summer school – running form 9th August

o   they were not running Year 5 taster days were not running in the summer, but instead there would be an open evening in September

o   They had to delay Year 11 celebration events and a number of show case events (performing arts) but were hopeful some of these things could happen in the last week of term.

o   Students were continuing to test at home twice a week, there were still a few students each day isolating

o   Mock exams were underway with Year 10 and there would be end of Year assessments for all pupils, they continued to complete parents evenings remotely which had received positive feedback.


·       Town and Parish Councils


Devizes Town Council (DTC) gave a brief update, they were into a new Council and were looking at priorities, such as how to manage open spaces with a more bio-diverse way of working. DTC continued to work with the NHS to deliver vaccines up to the end of July and possibly in August as well. 


·       Devizes Indies


Jemma Brown of Devizes Indies gave an update. Retailers had been very hard hit by the pandemic and lock downs, so another Indie Day had been held. The event was well advertised and seen and the brand was gaining momentum. Some of the independent retailers had done very well although footfall had been mixed for others. As well as locals, people had attended the event from out of town which was positive. Possible future projects included taking the high street green, which was being supported by the Town Council. Maps of independent retailers could now be found on the InDevizes website. There had been positive feedback from Pewsey who wanted to emulate what the Devizes Indies had achieved and the hope was that similar schemes could be rolled out across the county. The project was run by volunteers, who all run their own independent businesses, so was a lot of work and the indie day had been exhausting but was a good result.


·       Devizes Opendoors


Noel Woolrych gave an update on Devizes Opendoors who helped homeless and vulnerable adults towards safe, settled homes. People interested in the project or volunteering could email volunteers@devizesopendoors.org.uk. The group were looking to move to the parish rooms in Victoria Road which would result in some changes to the building. 


·       Sustainable Devizes


John Schofield gave an update to the meeting. Sustainable Devizes had undertaken a cycling survey in late summer 2020. The results had highlighted that some people were too frightened to cycle on the roads in and around Devizes and were also concerned about the safety of their bicycles when parked. Sustainable Devizes had proposed some safe cycling routes which were with the AQST group for consideration and they were working with Devices Town Council to improve cycle parking. Sustainable Devizes had led some guided cycle rides around Devizes which were well attended. The group planned to identify more safe routes, lead more guided rides and hoped to help implement a cargo bike delivery service with local independent retailers. Sustainable Devizes requested that Devizes Area Board implement recommended improvements to routes and support the running of public activities. The Councillors were invited to join a bike ride on Sunday 18 July.  


Graham Martin of Sustainable Devizes highlighted Wiltshire Councils Climate Strategy, which would be consulted on in September. Area Boards were to play a role in this. Mr Martin stated that achieving net carbon zero would be difficult and requested that the Board start to consider how to get the community involved in the consultation and the role that the Board would take.


Cllr Tamara Reay stated that as Portfolio Holder for Climate Change and lead Member on the AQST she looked forward to getting involved and making some progress. She was a keen cyclist and would join the bike ride on 18 July.


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