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Committee attendance

Please note that attending Committee meetings is only one part of a Councillor’s role, and some Councillors also serve on other authorities such as Town and Parish Councils,or Police/Fire/National Park authorities, which can sometimes result in meeting clashes. In some instances, reasons have been given for why Councillors have not attended meetings. Please also note that there may be minor (i.e. <1%) discrepancies in statistics prior to October 2012 due to inconsistencies in how the data was recorded.

Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee, 3 meetings
Member Attendances
Cllr Chuck Berry 3
Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling 3
Cllr Allison Bucknell 1
Cllr Pauline Church 2
Cllr Richard Clewer 3
Cllr Christine Crisp 3
Cllr Kevin Daley 3
Cllr Stewart Dobson 2
Cllr Gavin Grant 1
Cllr Howard Greenman 3
Cllr David Halik 1
Cllr Mike Hewitt 1
Cllr Alan Hill 2
Cllr Ruth Hopkinson 2
Cllr Atiqul Hoque 3
Cllr Jon Hubbard 3
Cllr Simon Jacobs 2
Cllr Gordon King 3
Cllr Jerry Kunkler 1
Cllr Jacqui Lay 2
Cllr Laura Mayes 3
Cllr Horace Prickett 1
Cllr Pip Ridout 3
Cllr Toby Sturgis 2
Cllr Ian Thorn 1
Cllr Jo Trigg 3
Cllr John Walsh 3
Cllr Bridget Wayman 3
Cllr Stuart Wheeler 3
Cllr Philip Whitehead 2
Cllr Suzanne Wickham 2
Cllr Graham Wright 3
Cllr Robert Yuill 2




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