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Freehold of asset to be sold

18/09/2017 - Freehold of asset to be sold

Councillor Toby Sturgis presented the report which asked Cabinet to declare that freehold interest of the 5 assets could be sold by the Council.


In response to representations from Councillor Stewart Dobson, Councillor Mervyn Hall – Mayor of Marlborough, and Ian Mellor – from the Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan Group, it was agreed that the decision to delegate authority to dispose of Site 2, St Peter’s School, would be subject to officers working with the local community to develop guidance for potential developers of the site.


In response to a question from Councillor Ian Thorn, it was confirmed that none of the assets under consideration for disposal were on the Community Assets register, and that officers would circulate a briefing note to all Councillors to make them aware of the process and the list of asset already identifited.




i)        To confirm that the freehold interest of the 5 assets, as listed below, can be sold by the Council:

a.    Site 1 - Trowbridge – Land at The Halve

b.    Site 2 - Marlborough – St Peter’s School

c.    Site 3 - Westbury – Part of Coulston Allotments

d.    Site 4 - Macklin Road, Salisbury – Land used as garden extension

e.    Site 5 - Devizes – Land at John Rennie Close


ii)       To confirm the approach set out in paragraph 8 of the report.


iii)      To authorise the Associate Director for People and Business to dispose of freehold interest of the assets.


iv)      That the delegation to the Associate Director, as stated in iii), in relation to Site 2 - Malborough – St Peter’s School, is subject to the involvement of the community in the development of planning information for potential developers of the site.


Reason for Decision:


To confirm the freehold interests of the assets can be sold in order to generate capital receipts in support of the Council’s capital programme.





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