Councillors, Committees, Meetings and Decisions

This page provides links to information on Wiltshire Council’s Councillors, access to agendas, minutes and decisions, as well as information relating to public participation at council committees and the council’s constitution

Pages relating specifically to the Cabinet and Overview and Scrutiny can be found via the respective links

If you have any questions please email

Agendas, Minutes, Plans, Calendars, Decisions

Following this link will take you to a list of the current committees and sub-committees of Wiltshire Council, where all new agendas and minutes will be found

Following this link will take you to an archive of agenda and minutes for committee meetings dating in some cases back to 1999 for Wiltshire Council and its predecessor authorities. Older documents may be found at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre

Forward Work Plans for some committees can be found at this link

A Calendar of upcoming meetings, which can be downloaded, can be found at this link

Members of the Cabinet are able to take some decisions under delegated powers. These decisions can be found at this link

Council Webcasts

The Council broadcasts some committee meetings live to the internet. Upcoming webcasts and previous streamed meetings can be found on the council's Youtube channel

Public Participation: Petitions, Statements and Questions

Wiltshire Council welcomes public attendance and involvement at its public committee meetings, although during the coronavirus situation the usual arrangements (below) are subject to change, and advice will be provided on the relevant meeting agenda.

If you wish to make a statement or submit a question at a committee, following this link will take you to page setting out how you can do so at specific types of committee such as Cabinet or Planning.

Should you wish to submit a Petition or use the council’s ePetition facility, further information is available at the Petitions Homepage .

Election Map

To access a map of area boards, unitary divisions and parish boundaries please follow this link

Councillor Information

The Your Councillor page will provide details for all 98 Wiltshire Councillors including party, contact details, registers of interest, register of gifts and hospitality, on which committees they sit and attendance details

You can search by postcode at this link if you are not certain who your local councillor is, among other useful council information

Details on members’ expenses are published annually and can be found at this link

If you feel a councillor has breached the Wiltshire Council Code of Conduct for Members, then you may submit a complaint.

There are also links which will show you details of your MPs, co-opted members of the council and a list of outside bodies to which councillors may be appointed

Additionally, you can find details of briefing notes that have been published for councillors.

Constitution and Changing Governance

Wiltshire Council operates under a Constitution which sets out rules and procedures for its operation, and which can be found at this link

Registered electors in Wiltshire can petition the Council to hold a referendum on whether the council should change to a different form of governance.

A petition like this needs to be signed by at least 5 per cent of the local government electors in the borough. The formal notice of this can be found at this link.

We publish what this figure is each year, as at 15 February. For 2024, the figure is 19176.