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Voting record

 Online Meeting, Council, Tuesday 21 July 2020 10.30 am

Item: Notice of Motion No 21 -Walking and Cycling

Notice of Motion 21 - Walking and Cycling:

Motion status:Rejected

Council Notes:

That there has been an unprecedented increase in walking & cycling among all sections of the population during the COVID 19 pandemic.


That a major deterrent to taking up cycling among many is the perception that sharing the roads with fast motor traffic is not safe.


Council believes:

That following the short term COVID 19 work to re-prioritise road space for cycling and walking. Wiltshire could become a truly cycle, walking, and horse riding friendly county, into the future, reducing road traffic and pollution while improving public health.


That policy, planning and policing should support initiatives for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders to make these activities safer and more enjoyable for commuting, shopping, exercise and amenity. Thus, it will be possible to attract more Wiltshire citizens and visitors to choose cycling, walking and horse riding over driving, to reduce health costs and road maintenance, and to help the county reach its climate emergency commitments to reach carbon neutrality by 2030.


Council Resolves:

1)     That Wiltshire Council highways and planning departments should prioritize the requirements of cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders when planning works on Wiltshire’s roads, bridleways and footpaths. That all major planning applications (of 10 units or more) must show clear evidence of integration of safe cycling and pedestrian routes with those of the surrounding street layouts, and that any infrastructure planning by the Council should place safe cycling as a high investment priority and move it up from its current medium priority, as set in the current Local Transport Plan (LPT3) to sit alongside walking.

2)    That Wiltshire Council’s Cabinet further supports these principles by the appointment of two ‘Czars’ from among current portfolio holders, with one for cycling and horse riding, and one for walking, to promote and facilitate change to these activities, by listening to what area boards, town and parish councils and community cycling, walking, horse riding and environment groups have to say to them and by communicating and developing these ideas with cabinet members for health, transport and spatial planning.

3)     That Wiltshire Council will expand its ‘Bikeability’ programme to all age groups, from 8 to 80, or if this is not possible develop a parallel system for adults, seeking funding from related retail outlets and the involvement of local qualified trainers and cycling groups.

4)    Wiltshire Council will review with SUSTRANS and other cycling, walking and horse riding groups the digitally available footpath, bridleway and cycle route maps for the whole county.

5)    That Wiltshire Council will with parish and town councils consider:

a.     making widespread provision of theft-resistant cycle parking facilities sufficient for the demand.

b.     reducing traffic speeds in urban areas.

c.     the adoption of auto speed watch cameras

d.     dual-use cycle/footpaths in pedestrianized areas and between towns and villages.


ForCllr Clare Cape, Cllr Trevor Carbin, Cllr Ernie Clark, Cllr Brian Dalton, Cllr Sarah Gibson, Cllr Gavin Grant, Cllr Ross Henning, Cllr Ruth Hopkinson, Cllr Jon Hubbard, Cllr George Jeans, Cllr Bob Jones MBE, Cllr Carole King, Cllr Gordon King, Cllr Dr Brian Mathew, Cllr Ian McLennan, Cllr Dr Nick Murry, Cllr Stewart Palmen, Cllr Ricky Rogers, Cllr Ian Thorn, Cllr Jo Trigg and Cllr Graham Wright21
AgainstCllr Phil Alford, Cllr Chuck Berry, Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling, Cllr Richard Britton, Cllr Allison Bucknell, Cllr Pauline Church, Cllr Richard Clewer, Cllr Mark Connolly, Cllr Jane Davies, Cllr Andrew Davis, Cllr Howard Greenman, Cllr Sven Hocking, Cllr Peter Hutton, Cllr Tony Jackson, Cllr Edward Kirk, Cllr Jerry Kunkler, Cllr Jacqui Lay, Cllr Laura Mayes, Cllr Christopher Newbury, Cllr Ashley O'Neill, Cllr Paul Oatway QPM, Cllr Horace Prickett, Cllr Pip Ridout, Cllr Tom Rounds, Cllr Jonathon Seed, Cllr Tony Trotman, Cllr Bridget Wayman, Cllr Stuart Wheeler, Cllr Philip Whitehead, Cllr Suzanne Wickham, Cllr Christopher Williams and Cllr Robert Yuill32
AbstainCllr James Sheppard1
Conflict Of InterestsNone0
Non-votingCllr Mary Champion, Cllr Kevin Daley, Cllr Nick Holder and Cllr Simon Jacobs4
Not PresentNone0




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