Alamein Suite, City Hall, Malthouse Lane, Salisbury, SP2 7TU

To reach the room: Upon entry to the City Hall, pass reception on your left and follow the foyer area around to the left and climb the stairs. At the top of the stairs, the Alamein Suite is the room directly ahead, on the 1st Floor.

Evacuation procedure: On occasion this venue does conduct Fire Drills, and if one is scheduled to occur on the day of your function we will of course inform you of this eventuality.

• On hearing an alarm please evacuate the building in a calm and orderly manner.
• There is a Fire Exit clearly marked and located in the corner of the room next to the windows.
• Please proceed down the exit and assemble in front of the Playhouse.
• Your event co-ordinator/trainer will ascertain if anyone is missing and report this to a member of staff.

If for any reason your exit is blocked there is an alternative route down the main staircase into the Foyer. At the foot of the stairs you will see an Exit located on the opposite wall.

If you encounter a problem please stay where you are and remain calm. The member of staff responsible for evacuating your room will be with you as soon as possible and will be able to lead you to safety.

Please do not:
• Delay collecting personal belongings.
• Re-enter the building for any purpose.
• Use the lift under any circumstances.
• Attempt to fight any fire yourself.

Location maps:  Location map for meetings at Salisbury City Hall

City Hall Salisbury
Malthouse Lane

Main Tel: 01722 434726