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Meeting attendance

Tuesday 23 May 2017 3.00 pm, Northern Area Planning Committee

Please note that attending Committee meetings is only one part of a Councillor’s role, and some Councillors also serve on other authorities such as Town and Parish Councils, or Police/Fire/National Park authorities, which can sometimes result in meeting clashes. In some instances, reasons have been given for why Councillors have not attended meetings. Please also note that there may be minor (i.e. <1%) discrepancies in statistics prior to October 2012 due to inconsistencies in how the data was recorded.

Venue:   Council Chamber - Council Offices, Monkton Park, Chippenham, SN15 1ER

Contact:    Edmund Blick
Email: edmund.blick@wiltshire.gov.uk

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Charlotte Purkiss Officer Expected
Vicky Roberts Officer Expected
Robin Townsend Officer Expected
Janice Green Officer Expected
Sally Madgwick Officer Expected
Cllr Chuck Berry Committee Member Expected
Helen Brockhurst Officer Expected
Cllr Christine Crisp Committee Member Present
Cllr Howard Greenman Committee Member Present
Cllr Mollie Groom Committee Member Present
Cllr Chris Hurst Committee Member Present
Cllr Peter Hutton Vice-Chairman, in the Chair Present
Cllr Toby Sturgis Committee Member Present
Cllr Tony Trotman Committee Member Apologies, sent representative
Cllr Jacqui Lay Substitute Present as substitute
Cllr Ben Anderson Committee Member Present
Cllr Gavin Grant Committee Member Present
Cllr Ruth Hopkinson Substitute Present as substitute
Cllr Bob Jones MBE Substitute In attendance
Cllr Brian Mathew Committee Member In attendance
Cllr Ashley O'Neill Committee Member Present
Cllr Baroness Scott of Bybrook OBE County Councillor In attendance




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