Agenda and minutes

South West Wiltshire Area Board - Wednesday 28 June 2023 6.30 pm

Venue: Dinton Village Hall. Bratch Lane, Dinton, Wiltshire, SP3 5EB

Contact: Tara Hunt  Email:

Note No. Item



Election of Chairman 2023/24

The Democratic Services Officer to preside over the election of a Chairman for the forthcoming year.

Supporting documents:


On the nomination of Cllr Pauline Church, seconded by Cllr Bridget Wayman, it was,




To appoint Cllr Nabil Najjar as Chairman for the forthcoming year.


Election of Vice-Chairman 2023/24

To elect a Vice-Chairman for the forthcoming year.


On the nomination of Cllr Nabil Najjar, seconded by Cllr Pauline Church it was,




To appoint Cllr Bridget Wayman as Vice-Chairman for the forthcoming year.


Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


No apologies from Area Board Members were received.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no declarations of interest.



To confirm the minutes of the previous meeting held on Wednesday 15 March 2023.

Supporting documents:


The minutes of the last meeting were presented.


It was;




The minutes of the meeting held on 15 March 2023 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Chairman's Updates

The Chairman will make any announcements and give any updates on any non-priority outcomes and actions arising from previous meetings of the Area Board.


The Chairman gave the following updates:


·       The purpose of the Area Board

For those that were unfamiliar with Area Board meetings, the Chairman briefly detailed their purpose. The idea was that the Area Boards gave an opportunity to engage and collaborate with parishes and communities. They were also an opportunity to share concerns, work together towards positive outcomes and for people to raise suggestions.


·       Local Plan Review

The Chairman encouraged people to engage with the Local Plan Review Consultation Process. It was stated that at its meeting on Tuesday 11 July, Cabinet would consider the review of the Wiltshire Local Plan, as this important document approached the final stages towards adoption. The papers for this meeting would be published on Monday 3 July and would be available here Agenda for Cabinet on Tuesday 11 July 2023, 10.00 am | Wiltshire Council.


The Plan would set out the vision and framework for housing, infrastructure and land for employment growth for the next 15 years, until 2038. Once adopted, all planning applications would be determined against the Plan, making it the most important place-shaping document for Wiltshire.


It also identified sites for development throughout the county, as the council looks to plan for 36,740 homes (of which over 20,500 homes have already been built or are committed) and would look to allocate 115 hectares for employment sites.


The Plan would be positive and address the need for new homes, jobs and infrastructure, and also provide ways to protect the environment and the environmental impact on communities, while helping to deliver the council’s ambitions to be carbon neutral by 2030, and for Wiltshire to have a smaller carbon footprint. It would also align with the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).


If the Plan passes through Cabinet, it would then go to Full Council on 18 July before a final public consultation in the autumn. Once the public consultation is complete and all comments considered, the Plan would be examined by an independent Planning Inspector before it is adopted.


More details on the public consultation stage would follow in the coming weeks.



Information Items

The Board is asked to note the following Information items:


·       Community First

·       Healthwatch Wiltshire

·       Update from BSW Together (Integrated Care System)

·       Wiltshire AGE UK Newsletter

·       Wiltshire Council Consultation Portal

·       Wiltshire Council Information Items:

o   Wiltshire Libraries supporting residents to stay online

o   Cost of Living update

o   Independent Visitor Scheme

Supporting documents:


The Chairman referred the meeting to the written information items in the agenda pack. He encouraged people to look at those items and if they had any questions to submit those to Karen Linaker (Strategic Engagement and Partnerships Manager) or to their local councillor.



Partner and Community Updates

To receive any verbal updates from Partners and Community Groups present, including:


·       Police (written updates also included with agenda)

·       Town and Parish Councils


To note the following written updates attached to the agenda:


·       Road Safety update from Wiltshire Police

·       Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service



Supporting documents:


The Board noted the written updates attached to the agenda and received the following verbal updates:


·       Wiltshire Police

Inspector Kevin Harmsworth of the Warminster Community Policing Team (CPT) gave an update stating that the Solstice had passed peacefully, which was good and there had only been a couple of arrests.


The Inspector highlighted the Warminster CPT Local Priorities. These included excess speed on the A350 at East Knoyle, various teams were linking to conduct targeted enforcement. Rural crime was also a priority, with fish poaching an issue, and an increase in thefts of GPS equipment from farms. Community engagement was another priority with drop in sessions being re-introduced. Sessions were planned for Mere and the Nadder Centre. Attendees were encouraged to get in touch if they felt they knew where drop in sessions could be held for the benefit of the community.


Inspector Harmsworth also updated on behalf of the Salisbury CPT, whose priorities were street drinkers / Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB); off road motorbikes; burglaries, in particular in sheds and garages; Community Speed Watch (CSW) and rural crime.


Attendees gave feedback on issues with traffic coming away from the Chalke Valley History Festival which was considered erratic and had led to incidents and near misses, which the Inspector said he would take away and feedback. However, he did highlight that the event organisers had responsibility for a traffic management plan.


The Chairman thanked the Inspector for attending.



SSE Priority Service and Resilient Communities Fund

To receive a presentation from Rebeccca Botto of Scottish and Southern Electricity about registration for their Priority Service and the Resilient Communities Fund.


Rebeccca Botto of Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) gave a presentation to the meeting. It was highlighted that SSEN was not a supplier but maintained the network and were present to give a quick update on what they could offer.


The Priority Service was a free service that they provided to vulnerable people, which could include physical or mental impairments, those using medical equipment which was reliant on power, those over 60 or those with children under 5. To register for the service people could call 0800 294 3259 or visit It was highlighted that SSEN would not share details with anyone, other than in an emergency situation such as a storm and power outage, where details may be shared with emergency partners. During power outages the service would make contact by phone or in person to see if they could be of assistance. For example, for those with electricity dependent medical equipment they may try to source a generator during a long power outage. If there were a large number of people in a particular area registered with the service, then during a power outage they would try to prioritise getting that part of the grid back online more quickly. For those with dementia, a nominated contact could be arranged. The service also provided free energy efficiency help via a company called Yes Energy.


SSEN also provided business continuity advice for care homes and assisted living residences to help them ensure there were backups available in the case of a power outage.


Details were then provided on the Resilient Communities Fund. This was a pot of free money available to non-profit organisations and community groups to help support parishes and provide resilience in the event of a power outage or emergency. For example, groups could apply for a generator for a village hall so that it could act as a community hub, or for training, high visibility clothing, or defibrillators. There was £280,000 available and a group could claim up to £10,000. However, the deadline to apply was 31 July 2023 so anyone interested was encouraged to apply now. Details could be found online here:  


In response to a question about trees bringing down power lines, it was explained that the tree owner was responsible for maintenance of the tree to ensure that it did not encroach on power lines. SSEN did try to keep abreast of this and aimed for trees to be at least 1.8 metres from power lines. If there was a particular concern, attendees were encouraged to take a picture and send it to In a power cut or dangerous situation people should call 105 to report issues.



The Woodland Team and grant application for planting support

To receive a presentation from Naomi Styles, Woodland Officer at Wiltshire Council, introducing the woodland team and how the public can get involved in tree planting in their parishes/schools and the new tree warden scheme.

Supporting documents:


Naomi Styles, Woodland Officer at Wiltshire Council gave a presentation to the meeting. It was stated that due to the climate emergency the UK government had introduced targets which were detailed as:


·       The UK needed 30,000 hectares of trees/yr over the next 30 years (2.25 billion trees assuming 1 tree sapling/4m sq, and

·       National Parks and AONB’s must play a role in meeting this target whilst appreciating the need for sensitive planning.

·       For Wiltshire, this target = 435 ha of woodland/yr for the next 30 years (>1 million trees / an area of woodland the size of Devizes each year)

·       40% of Wiltshire’s landscape = AONB, national park or historic sites

·       Large-scale tree planting needed to be carefully considered and sensitively introduced.

·       Woodland planting 2ha> requires planning permission


Planting trees and woodland helped communities to engage in biodiversity and climate solutions; was beneficial for health, wellbeing, recreation and exercise; increased tree and woodland produce (such as fruits and nuts) and had the benefit of providing cleaner air.


It increased biodiversity by creating new habitat, reduced flood risk by slowing the flow of rainwater and stores carbon to combat climate change.


It also provided shelter and shade for livestock, improved soil quality, reduced nitrate and phosphate runoff, could diversify income generation (through timber, coppice, Christmas trees etc) and could generate carbon credits.


The Grant Application and Planting Support (GAPs) team provided support to Schools, Community Groups, Parish Councils, Farmers and Landowners in planting woodland, trees and hedgerows across Wiltshire and Swindon.




·       help people choose the right trees for their site

·       identify funding options and complete surveys and application forms

·        gave advice on planting, woodland design and aftercare.

·       link people and groups together to get their project off the ground.


The officer then gave details on the Tree Warden Scheme, they were recruiting tree wardens across the county to:  

·       survey existing trees in their area

·       identify new places to plant trees and local landowners who are keen to plant

·       apply for funding for tree, hedgerow and woodland planting in their community.


This scheme was approved by the Tree Council and all training would be provided.


Funding options were listed as follows:


·       Great Western Community Forest (Trees for Climate)

·       Forestry England (EWCO)

·       Woodland Trust

·       Tree Council

·       Urban Tree Challenge Fund

·       Trees for Streets

·       UK Community Tree planting

·       Wessex Water

·       National Highways.


The officer encouraged people to get in touch on if they:


·       wanted to plant trees on parish or community land and don’t know where to start

·       work at a school, business or other site where there is potential for trees, hedges or an orchard

·       are a farmer or landowner and want more advice about tree, hedge or woodland planting

·       want more information about becoming a tree warden.


It was also highlighted that to ensure Wiltshire met its tree planting targets, all trees being planted should be logged. So, if people were planting trees or woodland they were also encouraged to get in touch.




Nadder Centre

To receive an update from Karen Linaker, Strategic Engagement and Partnership Manager, SEPM.



Supporting documents:


The Strategic Engagement and Partnerships Manager gave an update about recent activity at the Nadder Centre. Key points included:


·       A new manger, Lee Calver, was in post who was very friendly and approachable.

·       Details of the Nadder Centre’s business plan for the next six months were included in the agenda pack.

·       The Nadder Centre Steering Group planned to hold their next meeting in July to review the plan to ensure that it was robust.

·       Membership was increasing, as were the number of youth activities taking place.

·       The soft play area funded by the Area Board was proving very popular.

·       The NHS Midwifery Unit had now opened and was providing a number of services at the centre including mother and baby workout classes.



Wiltshire Towns Programme

To receive a presentation on the Wiltshire Towns Programme.

Supporting documents:


Senior Development Manager at the Wiltshire Towns Programme, Rebecca Lockwood Norris, delivered a presentation about the programme. Points included:


·       A key aim was to celebrate the unique identities of Wiltshire market towns by supporting their economic, cultural and tourism sectors on their high streets.

·       As part of the Activity Generation Grant programme 22 local councils had received money to make immediate improvements in their areas, including those in Tisbury, Wilton and Mere.

·       Grant funding would also be available for the 2023/24 and 2024/25 financial years.

·       The deadline for applications for invited towns to submit the information required was 31 October 2023, with grant agreements to be in place by 31 January 2024.



During the discussion, the following points were raised:



·       The Area Board thanked the officer for her presentation.

·       Cllr Church noted that Wilton got between £4,000 and £5,000 in the first tranche of funding and that the funding formula was dependent on the number of shops a high street had. It was suggested that other aspects such as cultural events might be used to determine funding as well.

·       The officer explained that the same funding formula would be adopted this year, however the feedback could be passed on for consideration and support could also be provided outside of the grant.  

·       Concerns were raised about cashless car parks, where a card or app was required to pay for parking, deterring people from visiting high streets. The Chairman emphasised that parking was dealt with by a separate team and suggested that they might include it as an item on a future agenda.



Explore Wiltshire

Cllr Nabil Najjar will give a brief presentation on the Explore Wiltshire app, which is a new, free, easy to use location-aware app that features information about historical landmarks, cultural sites and events that have helped to shape Wiltshire towns and villages. It includes interactive maps, walking trails, hunts and challenges; plus photographs, audio and visual clips. The app will support the Wiltshire Towns Programme, aiming to increase the footfall in our market towns; encouraging people to spend time in local shops, bars and restaurants during their visits. It is designed to allow town and parish councils or local heritage organisations to add their own trails and marketing messages. There is currently a programme to populate the app with some selected areas or towns and trails to kickstart it. This will include a trail for Tisbury, due August 2023.

Supporting documents:


The Chairman, who was also Wiltshire Council’s Portfolio Holder for Arts Heritage and Tourism, gave a presentation about the Explore Wiltshire App. He explained that it was a free app which was designed to help new audiences to engage in heritage and cultural activity, thereby encouraging tourists to het active and stay longer in market towns and local areas. He explained that the Area Board had thought that it would be best to launch a joint South West Wiltshire page so it included the Cranbourne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Key points included:


·       Wiltshire archaeologist Phil Harding, from the Channel 4’s hit television show Time Team, had provided a voice over for the app.

·       The app would be constantly updated to allow new content to be added.

·       New locations would be added in tranches and South West Wiltshire would be included in the second tranche, due to be released in a few months’ time.

·       The app could track your location and provide information accordingly. It was also liked to an events calendar, so would keep you updated about the experiences on offer, for example at local museums and other heritage stakeholders.

·       Town councils, parish councils and local heritage organisations would be able to add their own trails and content.


During the discussion, points included:



·       The Area Board welcomed the introduction of the app and thanked the Chairman for his presentation.

·       Carl Jacobs from Chilmark Parish Council asked whether there would be an opportunity for smaller villages to include information on the app. The Chairman explained that any village could join, there would be a small set up fee of £1,000 and then a £200 annual maintenance fee.

·       An approved walking trail could be agreed through each settlement, with icons representing landmarks as you go. It was anticipated that South West Wiltshire would have multiple trails, so conversations were ongoing with officers about the best way to structure the page and how to plan the routes.

·       Content would be approved by Wiltshire’s Heritage Team.

·       It might be possible to apply for Area Board grant applications to set up a page for individual towns and villages.



Area Board End of Year Report / Area Board Priorities

To receive a summary report from the Strategic Engagement and Partnership Manager (SEPM) on the work of the Area Board over the previous year.


To confirm Area Board  priorities for the year ahead and appoint lead councillors to those priorities.

Supporting documents:


The Strategic Engagement and Partnerships Manger (SEPM), Karen Linaker gave a presentation, and introduced a video, about the valuable work that the Area Board had undertaken in the community since May 2021. She took the opportunity to thank all of the Area Board’s councillors, including former councillor Nick Errington, for their hard work. She also praised the Area Board’s Delivery Officer, Karlene Jammeh, for organising lots of the events. She stressed that community engagement was at the heart of their work and that grant decisions and day to day activities were informed by community priorities. Just under 23,000 people lived in the Area Board’s area, which encompassed 39 town and parish councils and nearly 200 village groups.


Members of the community then provided feedback about some of the projects that had benefitted their areas:




Alan Davies highlighted that Nadder Community Energy Ltd had received a grant from the Area Board to support the electric car club in Tisbury and that the club now had nearly 90 members. They now had two electric cars and two charging points. It cost £10 to join the club and £5 to hire the car per hour.


Mrs Harry, Clerk of Tisbury Parish Council, thanked the Local Highway and Footway Improvement Group for funding a keep clear sign outside the local Co-Op and coffee shop to enable access for fire engine’s to and from the fire station.




Jaki Farrell from Seeds4Success thanked the Area Board for their financial contribution towards their youth work in the area, including their minibus. The charity had helped a wide range of young people including those not in education, employment or training (NEET). They had also set up a support group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual (LGBTQIA+) young people.


Some of the young people that had been supported by the charity were in attendance at the meeting, and spoke about the range of services on offer, including the leisure credits scheme, health and wellbeing sessions and social action project.


Barford St Martin


Thanks were given for the speed indicator device (SID) that was funded by the Area Board. They also thanked the councillors and officers at Wiltshire Council for their support and guidance in raising £80,000 for their new playground.




The Area Board were thanked for funding footpaths in the parish.


After considering the progress that the Area Board had made towards its priorities over the past two years the Area Board discussed their priorities for the forthcoming year and decided to appoint lead members to help implement those priorities. On the proposal of the Chairman, seconded by the Vice-Chairman it was,




To adopt the following priorities for 2023/24 and appoint lead members to those priority areas as follows:



·       Strengthen links with businesses, building on existing networks and initiatives, i.e. Youth Employment event – Cllrs Pauline Church and George Jeans


·       Address environmental issues in partnership with the Cranborne Chase AONB – Cllrs Nabil Najjar and Cllr Bridget Wayman


·       Strengthen residents’ sense of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 30.



Appointments to Outside Bodies and Working Groups

To consider the Area Board Membership of Working Groups as detailed in the attached report.

Supporting documents:


The Chairman invited the Area Board to appoint lead members to its working groups that did not fall under the priority areas agreed under the previous item, namely the Local Highway and Footway improvement Group (LHFIG) and Nadder Centre Steering Group. He then, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, proposed a motion and it was,




That the South West Wiltshire Area Board:


a)    Appoint Members as lead representatives to Outside Bodies, any Non-Priority Working Groups and to the LHFIG, as set out at Appendix A (page 97);

b)    Note the LHFIG Terms of Reference as set out in Appendix B (pages 99 - 102).

c)    Note the Nadder Centre Steering Group Terms of Reference as set out in Appendix C (pages 103 – 106)



Local Highways and Footpaths Improvement Group (LHFIG)

To note the minutes and consider any recommendations arising from the last LHFIG meeting held on 31 May 2023, as set out in the attached report.




·       4a – Extension to Tisbury 20mph Speed Limit – £13,593.75

·       4b – Extension to 30mph Speed Limit on Shaftesbury Road, Mere – £7535.05

·       4d – Chilmark Edge of Carriageway Marking – £552

·       4j – Amendments to Parking Bay Dimensions in Wilton Market Square – £793.50

·       4k – Oncoming Vehicles in Middle of Road Warning Signs in Stourton Lane, Stourton – £887.50


Further information on the LHFIG process can be found here.


Supporting documents:


The Vice-Chairman provided a summary of the recommendations from the latest meeting of the LHFIG, which had taken place on 31 May 2023. A discussion then took place about the LHFIG funding model. Key points included:


·       It was noted that the LHFIG normally put in 75% of the amount for a project and asked for a financial contribution from town and parish councils of 25% to fund projects in their local areas. A suggestion was that parishes could contribute more, in order to get more of the work achieved.

·       Members agreed that this was a discussion that they needed to have.

·       Cllr George Jeans noted that some of the parishes were very small and it could be expecting too much to ask more than 25%. He felt that parishes needed to be encouraged to put up their precepts in order to cover work they wanted undertaken. In Mere, residents had even be willing contribute to projects. He wondered if that was something that could be encouraged.

·       Cllr Richard Budden highlighted that the total of capital funding available to the Area Board had remained broadly static over the past five years during which Wiltshire Council’s overall budget had increased. He also expressed concern that workforce challenges in the highways team during Covid had delayed projects. He noted that he would not support increasing the contribution from parish councils beyond 25 percent of the total cost of a project, because of the pressure that would put on parish councils to increase precepts.

·       Representatives from parish councils present, particularly from very small parishes, raised concerns about the impact in their areas were their contribution to LHFIG projects to be raised beyond 25 percent of the total project cost. 

·       The Chairman felt these were all valid points and pondered if there was a middle ground which could be reached. Perhaps some form of means testing or looking at the amount of reserves held by a parish.

·       Cllr Pauline Church emphasised the importance of good planning to ensure that a parish’s priorities were reflected within their precepts. If the percentage contribution from parishes to LHFIG projects was increased she would not be adverse to some form of means testing.

·       Officer advice was given, stating that the minimum contribution for parishes was 25%, so the Area Board had discretion to change that.

·       Members felt that more discussion was required prior to coming to a decision, so they would discuss the matter further and bring it back to the September meeting.


On the proposal of the Chairman, seconded by Cllr Church, it was,




1.    To note the minutes of the LHFIG meeting which took place on 31 May 2023


2.    To approve the following funding recommendations:



·       4a – Extension to Tisbury 20mph Speed Limit – £13,593.75

·       4b – Extension to 30mph Speed Limit on Shaftesbury Road, Mere – £7535.05

·       4d – Chilmark Edge of Carriageway Marking – £552

·       4j – Amendments to Parking Bay Dimensions in Wilton Market Square – £793.50

·       4k – Oncoming Vehicles in  ...  view the full minutes text for item 32.



Area Board Funding

To note the remaining budgets and to consider any applications for funding, as detailed in the attached report and summarised below:


Remaining Budgets:


Community Area Grant

Older & Vulnerable

Young People

£ 24,876

£ 7,700

£ 21, 148


Community Area Grants:



Grant Details

Amount Requested


The Langford Parish Hall – towards the Langford Parish Hall community kitchen



Kilmington and Stourton Cricket Club – towards refurbishment of practice nets at Kilmington and Stourton Cricket Club



Older & Vulnerable Grants:



Grant Details

Amount Requested


Nadder Community Energy towards Warmer at Home Tisbury



Compton Chamberlayne PCC towards Compton Chamberlayne Annual Concert



Delegated Funding

The Board is asked to note any funding awards made under the Delegated Funding Process, by the Strategic Engagement & Partnership Manager, between meetings due to matters of urgency:


·       ABG1107, Community Area Grant, Chalke Valley Sports Centre, £690.00 towards Chalke Valley Sports Centre Football Shelters.

·       ABG1122, Community Area Grant, MereTown FC, £950.00, towards MTFC GoalPosts.

·       ABG1124, Youth Grant, Zeals Almshouse Charity, £1000.00, towards a project to research the extent of need for housing for young people in Zeals Lower Zeals and Mere.


Further information on the Area Board Grant system can be found here.

Supporting documents:


The Area Board noted the budgets remaining for allocation at the meeting and heard from representatives in attendance who gave a brief overview of their project followed by any questions by the Board.


Community Area Grants:


ABG1176 - Langford Parish Hall Requested £1,413.84 towards a Community Kitchen


It was clarified that the cost of the electrician had been removed from the overall project costings due to an error. 


On the proposal of Cllr George Jeans, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, it was resolved to make the:




To award Langford Parish Hall requested £1,413.84 towards a community kitchen, plus an additional sum, believed to be approximately £400, for the electric work should this be permitted under grant criteria.


Reason - The application met the Community Area Grants Criteria 2023/24. A possible error had been made in the amount being requested due to the omission of the costs for the electrical work.


Note: Following the meeting it was determined that the extra amount towards the electrics could not be awarded in this way. Therefore, the amount awarded was £1,413.84. The applicant could put in a further application for the amount towards the electrics, which could go through the Strategic Engagement and Partnership Manager delegated authority funding process for urgent applications, for the Board to make a decision.


ABG1229 - Kilmington and Stourton Cricket Club Requesting £2,600 towards the Refurbishment of their Practice Nets


It was confirmed that Kilmington Parish Council had not made a financial contribution towards the project.


On the proposal of Cllr Jeans, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, it was resolved to make the:




To award Kilmington and Stourton Cricket Club £2,600 towards the refurbishment of their practice nets.


Reason - The application met the Community Area Grants Criteria 2023/24.


Older and Vulnerable People’s Grants:


ABG1129 - Nadder Community Energy Requested £750 Towards Warmer at Home Tisbury


During the discussion queries were asked about whether the project would duplicate work already undertaken by Warm and Safe Wiltshire, a service run jointly between Wiltshire Council, Swindon Borough Council, Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue and the Centre for Sustainable Energy. The representative explained that they had received training from that group but not on this specific project. They also highlighted that there was time pressure on the project as volunteers would be required before the winter.


The Strategic Engagement and Partnerships Manager (SEPM) clarified that it would be possible to defer the application and award it via delegated authority in advance of the next meeting were it found not to duplicate the service provided by Warm and Safe Wiltshire. Alternatively, it would be possible to approve the application at the meeting subject to confirmation that it was not a duplication of the work being done by Warm and Safe Wiltshire.


On the proposal of Cllr Jeans, seconded by Cllr Pauline Church it was resolved to make the:




1.    To defer the application from Nadder Community Energy for £750 towards Warmer at Home Tisbury so that further guidance could be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 33.


Future Meeting Dates


The Chairman announced the dates of future meetings:


·       20 September 2023 - Broad Chalke Village Hall

·       29 November 2023

·       28 February 2024


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.