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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Five Rivers Health & Wellbeing Centre, Hulse Road, Salisbury.

Contact: Lisa Alexander  (Senior Democratic Services Officer)

Note No. Item



Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman, Cllr Sven Hocking welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Salisbury Area Board and invited the members of the Board to introduce themselves.



Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from:


  • Cllr Caroline Corbin
  • Cllr Dr Mark McClelland
  • Chriss Wood – Fire & Rescue
  • Irene Kohler – Silver Salisbury, Item 7
  • Carmella Town – Emergency Contact Hubs, Item 9 




To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 1 December 2022.

Supporting documents:



The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 1 December 2022 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were none.


Chairman's Updates

The Chairman will give an update on outcomes and actions arising from previous meetings of the Area Board.



The Chairman gave the following updates:



Information provided by Councillors during and after the last Area board meeting had been fed into the Forward Maintenance Program and would be looked at as a whole. The Chairman had requested that works be extended to include walkways. A full response to this input would be presented by Highways Officers at the next meeting.  It was also noted that there was a delay caused by budget pressures due to increased prices and availability of materials, and a change to the designated Highways contactor from Ringway to Milestone Infrastructure at the end of the financial year.



Mike Crook, appointed to replace Heather Blake, was now working on reviewing the consultation responses received, some of which were very detailed. The document would be revised with a view to finalising it in the summer.  



Under the newly adopted Code of Conduct for elected members, there were some changes which would impact on members of the Salisbury Area Board who were also Salisbury City Council Councillors.  For any applications where Salisbury City Council (SCC) was the applicant, any dual hatted member would need to request a dispensation, in advance of the Area Board meeting where an application was due to be considered.  This is because there is now a requirement for dual hatted members leave the room and not take part in the discussion or vote on the matter, leaving the Board inquorate to make a decision.  It was noted that this did not apply to LHFIG funding schemes which were supported by SCC.




Cllr Dalton requested that the Board receive an update on the Maltings Development at the next meeting.


Action: Karen Linaker to liaise with Officers to bring an update on the Maltings to the next meeting.



Information items

The Board is asked to note the following Information items:


a)    BSW Together (Integrated Care System)

b)    Community First

c)     Healthwatch Wiltshire

d)    Wiltshire Council Consultation Portal

e)    Wiltshire Council Information Items:

·       King Charles III Coronation – Community Celebrations

·       Wiltshire Families and Children’s Transformation (FACT) Partnership

·       Cost of Living Update


Supporting documents:


The Board noted the Information Items attached to the agenda, which included:


a) BSW Together (Integrated Care System)

b) Community First

c) Healthwatch Wiltshire

d) Wiltshire Council Consultation Portal

e) Wiltshire Council Information Items:

        King Charles III Coronation – Community Celebrations

        Wiltshire Families and Children’s Transformation (FACT) Partnership

        Cost of Living Update




Partner and Community Updates

Partners and Members are available prior to the start of the meeting
to discuss specific maters and will therefore not be in attendance after 6.00pm.


To receive any verbal updates from representatives, including:


1.     Silver Salisbury Programme – Irene Kohler

2.     Street Light Audit Update – Liz Batten (report attached)

3.     Underpasses working group update – Cllr Sample

4.     A36 National Highways update – Chris Hilldrup, Highways England

5.     Air Quality Group – Cllr Hocking (minutes attached)



Note: Speakers are reminded that they each have a 3 minute slot, unless they have previously discussed alternative arrangements with the Chairman


The Board is asked to note the following written updates attached to the agenda:


a)    Salisbury City Council (SCC) – report attached

b)    Police – Neighbourhood Policing Team – report attached

c)     Fire & Rescue – report attached

d)    Salisbury Future High Street Fund – update attached

e)    Salisbury BID – written update & website link


Supporting documents:


The Board received the following verbal updates:


Silver Salisbury Programme

Alan Mitchell, Treasurer gave thanks to the Board for funding awarded the previous year, noting that Silver Salisbury was now a registered charity.

The Autumn 2022 review highlighted the brochure which had been produced, with around 5000 copies being delivered around the Salisbury area.


The initiative had reached 980 older people who had taken part in the 36 one off events. The aim for this year would be to produce 2 brochures one for the whole year and another for the Silver Salisbury fortnight.


There had been good feedback from those who had taken part, with many relaying their surprise at how much was going on around Salisbury, which they previously had no idea about.


Street Light Audit Update

Liz Batten gave an update on the progress of the project.

19 volunteers had come together to take part in the street audits during February. Since the audit was carried out, there had been some improvements with replacements of LED lighting. Liz noted that the audit report pre-dated that work, so there may now be some on the list which had been addressed.


The audit report was included in the agenda pack and set out all of the locations where lights still needed to be addressed.


Some suggested works included wall painting for the ends of the tunnel at St Pauls underpass to improve visibility and brighten the area and for the lights at back of the City Hall to be turned on at night, for improved safety for people leaving the Playhouse.




It was suggested that issues reported on the MyWilts are being recorded as closed before being actioned.

Answer:- Cllr Hocking responded the he understood MyWilts reports were closed once the task had been allocated to the relevant contactor to attend, but would clarify at the next meeting.  Cllr Hocking also stated that in his capacity as IT Portfolio Holder he will be looking at way to improve the MyWilts App and will report at the next AB.


Action:- Cllr Hocking to clarify at what point reports are logged as closed and update on possible option to improve the App at the next AB


Action: David Redfern, to enquire with the Estates Team whether the lights at the rear of City Hall could be turned on in the evenings.


Underpasses working group Update

In addition to the minutes attached Cllr Sample noted that the Group was currently waiting for partners in Highways England to complete an evaluation to identify the ownership of the underpasses, which it was hoped would set out responsibilities as a starting point for any work.


A36 National Highways Update

Chris Hilldrup, Highways England noted the projects he was involved with around the city, including the River Park Project and the A36 Southampton Road.

Chris worked in partnership with the Environment Agency and Wiltshire Council and would be working one day a month from County Hall in Trowbridge with council officers.


In addition, Chris  ...  view the full minutes text for item 125.



Alzheimers Support Salisbury

An update from Alzheimer’s Support on the new Dementia Centre based at Scots House on Scots Lane, which received funding from the Area Board.


Supporting documents:


Julian Roberts, Trusts and Foundations Fundraiser at Alzheimer’s Support gave thanks to the Board for its generous grant which had been awarded last year towards the new dementia centre.


There would be a new day club with 6 hrs of activities, open from 28 March. A launch event to thank the funders and partners would be held in April.


Julian gave assurance that the provision offered at the centre would really make a difference to those that use it, which included not only people with dementia, but for the families and carers as well.




Emergency Contact Hubs

A presentation on Emergency Contact Hubs (slides attached).

Presenters: Camella Town, National Power Outage Project Officer and Matty Maggs, Emergency Planning, Resilience & Response Specialist.



Supporting documents:


This item was postponed until a future meeting as the speaker was unable to attend.



City Hall Update

An update from David Redfern, Director Leisure, Culture & Communities.


The Board received an update from David Redfern, Director Leisure, Culture and Communities. The main points were:


  • The City Hall Levelling Up funding bid had been unsuccessful.
  • Conditional Survey was underway to provide robust information on the building’s maintenance requirements for any third-party organisations interested in managing City Hall on behalf of Wiltshire Council.
  • Development of a Prior Information Notice (PIN) to enable Wiltshire Council to understand a range of different organisations perspectives on the outcomes they’d like to achieve, including the nature of any future arrangement.
  • Engaging with the market in this way before starting the formal procurement process was essential good practice and would help to maximise value for money and encourage appropriate innovation.
  • Organisations who had previously expressed an interest in operating the venue remained interested and would be invited to take part in the PIN process.
  • There had been some interest from organisations wishing to operate City Hall as a venue unrelated to arts and entertainment. This did not align with Wiltshire Council’s vision for City Hall which remained to remobilise the building as an arts and entertainment venue.


Comments & questions:


·       Was it still the plan to open in Jan 2024, because bands etc book venues a year in advance at least, noting the impact of any further delay on the night-time economy? Answer: It was still the target, however more would be known once the procurement exercise was complete. 

·       Noting all similar venues are still struggling will it be a challenge to get someone to come onboard? Answer: Yes, however I work with a number of arts partners across the county, they had recently all advised how buoyant things were starting to get.

·       It there were a ticking clock, how long before Wiltshire Council would have to succumb to the offers of other potential non art related offers on the premises? Answer: This is the first attempt at talking to operators, we were not looking past that at the moment.

·       As part of the levelling up application was there anything specific which related to the structural repairs which would be needed? Answer: No, we were not specific in the funds as part of the levelling up bid. The works with the PIN would be a lot more specific. There was a requirement for some work related to the roof, details would be provided within the report available next week, which as part of the procurement exercise would be accessible publicly.

·       Had the funds accrued from the NHS hire been set aside for works to the city hall? Answer: Estates had been operating that side of things. I will ask and feedback.




An update on Fostering by Karen Linaker, Strategic Engagement & Partnership Manager.



Karen Linaker, Strategic Engagement & Partnership Manager presented information on Fostering in Wiltshire. The main points included:


        12 million children living in England

        400,000 (3%) involved with children's social care

        80,000 (0.03%) are Children Looked After (CLA) in England

        468 are Children Looked After (CLA) in Wiltshire

        264 children living with 168 Wiltshire Council foster carers

        105 children living with foster carers via independent agencies

        Experiences – trauma, separation & loss

        Trauma impacts on all aspects of a child's life and view of the world


For the Salisbury area:

        21 children in care, still short of 5 local fostering family

        In Salisbury we’re looking for more foster carers to step in and provide homes for children from Salisbury and also those from the surrounding areas

        The situation across Wiltshire is near crisis point as we now have few alternatives available with independent fostering agencies (IFA) carers, but we need to look after and care for all of our children, irrespective of resources

        Main focus is to find safe homes for our Children in Care

        Across Wiltshire we are still in need of at least an additional 30 foster carers


Becoming a Foster Carer:

        Anyone aged 21 & over, with a spare bedroom can foster

        Have a good sense of humour, plenty of tolerance & understanding.

        Enthusiasm to make a difference to young people’s lives

        Commitment to find a way through difficult times

        Promote fostering to your local community

        Listen to Natasha on the video clip – then think, if every councillor recruited just one fostering family, what a life changing difference that would make to so many children

        Let us know places/events where we can successfully promote fostering in your area

        Share and ‘love’ our messages on social media
Follow Facebook "Fostering in Wiltshire"
Follow Twitter @ FosterWilts





Area Board Work Plan & Priorities

To receive updates from our Lead Members for the following Area Board Priority Areas:


·       Youth engagement, employment and positive activity opportunities – Cllr Rogers

·       Addressing climate change – Cllr Hocking

·       Supporting positive mental health and wellbeing – Cllr Corbin

·       Supporting underrepresented groups – Cllr Corbin

·       Improving transport and access – Cllr Hocking

Supporting documents:


Youth engagement, employment and positive activity opportunities – Cllr Rogers:

·       Salisbury Youth Forum online platform and safe spaces

·       Youth Investment project in Bemerton Heath

·       FUEL Holiday Activity and Food Programme Easter 2023

·       Youth Employment Fair in 2023 across the 3 Southern Community Areas



Jo King (SCC) – An overriding thing that young people want was a warm space to get together and have hot chocolate etc. Working on projects would require funding.


Addressing Climate Change – Cllr Hocking

·       Salisbury Air Quality Management group action plan

·       Five Rivers community garden project (meets on Monday afternoons – volunteers welcome)

·       31 May 2023 - Victoria Park Family Fun Event

·       Flood working group met 22 Feb


Supporting positive mental health and wellbeing

  • Silver Salisbury Programme 2023
  • Thanks to the Older People’s Champion and Carer’s Champion for all of their work
  • Safer and Supportive Salisbury – Safe Places initiatives
  • Dementia Centre in Salisbury



Liz Batten (Salisbury Soroptimists) – We have been recruiting new sites to the Safe Places scheme and were now up to 12. The White Hart Hotel was now a 24/7 safe place and would be open to someone needing refuge in a crisis, day or night. Liz urged everyone to let he know if there were any other new places wishing to join the scheme.


Supporting under-represented groups

  • Salisbury Foodie Network
  • Local Community Food providers
  • Welcoming and warm spaces initiative
  • Cost of Living support flyer
  • Showcase event for individuals with a disability and family carers
  • Traveller Community Engagement Event -  Summer 2023
  • Muslim Women’s Group



Anne Trevett (Safer & Supportive Salisbury) The warm spaces scheme was working well in the library for people to access if struggling with heating their homes. Thought was needed as to how they could better encourage people to get out and use these spaces. Anne noted that SCC also offered a community café on Tuesdays alongside the Pantry.


Improving transport and access – Cllr Hocking

  • Underpasses working group
  • Audits of underpasses
  • Community artwork – underpasses Friary/Churchill Gardens
  • A36 Southampton Road




Area Board Funding

To note the remaining budgets and to consider any applications for funding, as detailed in the attached report and summarised below.


Remaining Budgets this meeting:


Community Area Grant

Older & Vulnerable

Young People





Area Board Initiatives:



Grant Details

Amount Requested


Youth Employment Event



Celebrating the Traveller way (Cllr Corbin)



Community Area Grants:



Grant Details

Amount Requested


Experience Salisbury / Salisbury BID - Christmas Star Trail



Wiltshire Creative – External Defibs



Older & Vulnerable Grants:



Grant Details

Amount Requested


Safer & Supportive Salisbury – Showcase of Services Available



Safer & Supportive Salisbury – Pilot Health workshop for Muslim women



Young People Grants:



Grant Details

Amount Requested


The Salisbury Museum – Sustainable Fashion Show




Delegated Funding

The Board is asked to note any funding awards made under the Delegated Funding Process, by the Strategic Engagement & Partnership Manager, between meetings due to matters of urgency:


·       ABG959 – AB Initiative, Cost of Living, Support Flyer - £500

(Older & Vulnerable budget)

Supporting documents:


The Chairman invited a representative from each of the grant applicants to give a brief overview of their project to the Area Board.  After each of the applicants had spoken the Chairman invited questions and discussion, then asked for a show of hands from those present to reflect public opinion. The Area Board members then voted on each application.


Community Area Grants


Experience Salisbury / Salisbury BID: Christmas Star Trail - £5,000.00

Applicants Robin McGowan and Ellie Burke spoke in support of the project.



Experience Salisbury / Salisbury BID was awarded £5000 towards the Christmas Star Trail project.

Reason – The application met the Grants Criteria 2023/24



Wiltshire Creative: External Defibrillators - £4,351.50

Applicant Helen Taylor spoke in support of the project.



Wiltshire Creative was awarded £4,351.50 towards the External Defibrillator project.

Reason – The application met the Grants Criteria 2023/24


Older & Vulnerable Adults


Safer & Supportive Salisbury: All Inclusive Showcase - £420.00 (rec £420.00)

Applicants Helen Dowse and Kez Adey spoke in support of the project.



Safer & Supportive Salisbury was awarded £420.00 towards All Inclusive Showcase.

Reason – The application met the Grants Criteria 2023/24



Safer & Supportive Salisbury: Pilot Health workshop for Muslim women - £300.00 (rec £300.00)

Applicant Monsura Ahmed spoke in support of the project.



Safer & Supportive Salisbury was awarded £300 towards the Pilot Health workshop for Muslim women project.

Reason – The application met the Grants Criteria 2023/24


As there were not enough funds remaining in the Health & Wellbeing budget, Karen Linaker advised that as there would be young people in attendance at the event, the remainder of the original £500 requested (£260) could be allocated from the underspend in the Youth budget. This was proposed by the Lead Member for Youth, Cllr Rogers and supported by the board.




Area Board Initiative - Celebrating the Traveller way was awarded £500 (£260 funded from the Youth budget)

Reason – The application met the Grants Criteria 2023/24


Youth Projects


The Salisbury Museum: Sustainable Fashion Show - £2,080.00 (rec £2,080.00)

Applicant Katy England, supported by two young people involved in the project, spoke in support of the project.



The Salisbury Museum was awarded £2,080.00 towards the Sustainable Fashion Show project.

Reason – The application met the Grants Criteria 2023/24



Area Board Initiative: Youth employment event - £500.00 (rec £500.00)



Area Board Initiative: Youth employment eventwas awarded £500.

Reason – The application met the Grants Criteria 2023/24


Delegated Funding

The Board noted any funding awards which had been made under the SEPM Delegated Funding Process. These were:


1)    Area Board Initiative: Cost of Living Support Flyer - £500.00 (Older & Vulnerable Adults budget)





Local Highways and Footpath Improvement Group (LHFIG)

To note the minutes and consider any recommendations arising from the last LHFIG meeting held on 15 February 2023, as set out in the attached report.


Summary of recommendations for funding:


·       4b - Stratford Road Topographical  Survey - £1,650

·       4c - Stratford Road Bus Stop Hardstanding - £8,445

·       4e - Downton Road Street Nameplate - £328

·       4f - Winchester Street Underpass Accessibility Improvements - £1,358

·       4g - Milford Mill Road Dropped Kerb - £1,700

·       4i - Salisbury Street Lighting Assessments - £4,000


Supporting documents:


Cllr Ricky Rogers noted the minutes attached to the agenda which set out the schemes requiring funding approval.


In addition, Cllr Rogers explained that one of the LHFIG members, Margaret Wilmott had recently presented him with a query around how the funding within the Salisbury Transport Strategy was allocated and whether there was a way for suggestions to come through locally towards ideas for spending the nearly £8m budget.


Reference was made to the Salisbury Joint Transportation Committee which had been in operation between Wiltshire County Council and Salisbury District Council, prior to unitary, with the suggestion that it would be beneficial to bring such a group back.


The Board agreed to seek a response on the query and present it at the next meeting.



The Board approved the LHFIG funding recommendations as set out in the report. Schemes receiving funding were:


·       4b - Stratford Road Topographical  Survey - £1,650

·       4c - Stratford Road Bus Stop Hardstanding - £8,445

·       4e - Downton Road Street Nameplate - £328

·       4f - Winchester Street Underpass Accessibility Improvements - £1,358

·       4g - Milford Mill Road Dropped Kerb - £1,700

·       4i - Salisbury Street Lighting Assessments - £4,000





Future Meeting Dates (6-8pm):


·       28 September 2023

·       23 November 2023

·       7 March 2024


For information on funding deadlines for these meetings, contact the Community Engagement Manager, Karlene Jammeh karlene.jammeh@wiltshire.gov.uk


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and noted that the next meeting of the Salisbury Area Board would be held on 15 June 2023.





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