Agenda and minutes

Tidworth Area Board - Monday 18 July 2016 7.00 pm

Venue: Enford Village Hall, Longstreet, Enford, SN9 6DD

Contact: Kevin Fielding  (Democratic Services Officer)

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Chairman's Welcome, Introductions and Announcements



·       Your Care Your Support Wiltshire.


·       Wiltshire Online Programme – Extension of the basic broadband commitment scheme.

Supporting documents:


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Tidworth Area Board and welcomed Thomas Brolan – Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service to his first Tidworth Area Board meeting.


The following Chairman’s Announcements were noted:


·       Your Care Your Support Wiltshire.


·       Wiltshire Online Programme – Extension of the basic

          broadband commitment scheme.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Alistair Cunningham – Wiltshire Council, Humph Jones - Tidworth Town Council, Reia Jones – Tidworth Community Area Partnership.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were none.



To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 16 May 2016.

Supporting documents:




·       The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 16 May 2016 were confirmed as the correct record.



Tesco - Community Food Share

Laura Kitchener-pain - Community Champion Tidworth Tesco.



Laura Kitchener-Pain Tesco, Tidworth – Community Champion advised the Area Board that TESCO were now partnering with Fare Share Food Cloud to launch “Community Food Connection”. This would enable charities and community groups to collect surplus food such as bakery products, fruit and veg at the end of the day for free.


Charities and community groups could then provide nutritious meals for vulnerable people and families.


The Chairman thanked Laura Kitchener-Pain for attending the Area Board and outlining the scheme to the attention of the Area Board.


Community Responders

Julia Doel – Community Responder Officer for South Western Ambulance Service.



Julie Doel – South Western Ambulance NHS Trust gave a presentation and demonstration on how to access and use the community public access defibrillators which are now found situated in most towns and villages across the county. The presentation also outlined how communities could go about setting up a community public access defibrillator scheme.



The Chairman thanked Julie Doel for her informative presentation.



Wiltshire Citizens Advice

Sarah Cardy – Chief Executive Wiltshire Citizen Advice.



Sarah Cardy - Chief Executive Officer, Wiltshire Citizens Advice gave a presentation which highlighted the work of Wiltshire Citizens Advice, a local independent charity committed to helping people find a way forward and overcome the problems they face.

Points made included:

·       In 2013 the Citizens Advice guide website was visited by one third of United Kingdom's online population.


·       Citizens Advice's own research shows that four in ten of the British population contact Citizens Advice at some point during their lives.


·       In 2014 Citizens Advice celebrated its 75th anniversaryand in 2015 the charity was named Charity of the Year at the 2015 Charity Awards.


·       Citizens Advice have over 19 locations in Wiltshire where advice can be sought and help given.


·       That Wiltshire Citizen’s Advice is changing the way it provides its service to meet the revised funding structure, and many more transactions will be via the much improved website.


The Chairman thanked Sarah Cardy for her presentation.




Recycle for Wiltshire project in Tidworth & Ludgershall - update

Jessica Thimbleby – Community Engagement Officer (Waste), Recycle for Wiltshire.





Jessica Thimbley - Community Engagement Officer (Waste), Recycle for Wiltshire. gave a short update on “Recycle for Wiltshire”, a Joint Venture between Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Wiltshire Council to educate and encourage school children and communities throughout Wiltshire to reduce, reuse and recycle more of their household rubbish.  


Points made included:


·       Working with Tidworth and Ludgershall pre-schools, presenting waste workshops.


·       Carrying out community litter picks.


·       Attending various community summer events.


·       Holding pop up events at various locations throughout the community area.


·       Recycle for Wiltshire were keen to work with all local groups.



Tidworth Garrison Commander Col Steve Lawton raised the following questions:


·       Has the budget for litter collection reduced and if so by how much?


Even though the council’s central government funding continues to be reduced, the council in 2016/ 17 increased the budget for litter collection from £2million to £2.5million.  All of which could be saved if depositors put their waste in their own bins. 


The £2.5million does not include the price of traffic management, which due to the nature of litter collection has increased significantly as more waste is left on high speed roads.


It does not include the investment in modern technology, such as the introduction of the Mywiltshire System which allows information to be sent to the council contractors focusing resources at the earliest opportunity on litter areas.



·       Do we still have litter collectors who work daily in our towns and villages? If so how many days/hours?


The town centre is litter picked daily.  There is a resource allocation to every town centre.  However, the council would expect that if the town centre is cleaned for that resource to move to another area, as cleaning clean streets is not a valuable use of the council’s finances. 


Hence, the cleaner will stay as long as is necessary in the town centre.  However, referring to litter the council would highlight that the town centre has a number of litter bins, but daily collection of litter is still required.  If litter depositors used those bins this would allow the town centre to remain litter free.  However, until that time, the council will visit the town centre daily and will ensure that all litter is removed.  Thus any litter deposited in a town centre would only be there for a maximum of 1/2day.


The allocation of resources outside of the town centre are allocated by the Mywiltshrie System following reports by residents.  This ensures we clean dirty areas.  The council inspects the streets and notes that over 80% are at an acceptable standard.  If we were to allocate the resource on merely a schedule 80% of the schedule would be based upon cleaning clean streets.  Allocating the resource via the My Wiltshire System allows every working hour to be spent on cleaning dirty areas.  These means the resource is allocated to where needed.  All reports are dealt with to the Code of Practice of Litter and Refuse timescales.  The number of litter reports in Tidworth and the surrounding area are  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Community Engagement Manager - updates

Marc Read – Community Engagement Manager.




Marc Read – Community Engagement Manager gave the following updates:


Mens Shed


·       That a Shed group was now formed, and were working on a bird hide for use on land at the God Unlimited project.



Road to Rio Challenge


·       That the Tidworth and Ludgershall community area was currently 6th on the leader board having covered 39,718k.



Child Poverty Group


·       Currently working with other groups, looking to hold a market place event.



Dementia Friends


·       That the group were looking to join the Dementia Action Alliance, and would hope to update at the next Area Board meeting.


The Chairman thanked Marc Read for his updates.



Local Youth Network update & Grant Funding


The Community Engagement Manager advised that:


·       Some £15,000 had so far been committed with £25,000 still available for funding projects.


·       That in the absence of a Community Youth Facilitator the Community Engagement Manager would oversee the local youth grant funding applications.


The Chairman thanked Marc Read for his update.




Health and Wellbeing Funding

Marc Read – Community Engagement Manager.


The Community Engagement Manager advised that:


·       One application had been submitted for Health and Wellbeing funding.





Wiltshire Council Area Boards had previously delegated authority to officers to grant funding from their delegated community and youth budgets in respect of urgent matters that may arise between meetings of the Area Board. It was proposed that this delegation was updated and extended to cover health and wellbeing projects.  A revised report would be submitted at the next Area Board to cover these changes.


The Chairman thanked Marc Read for his update.





Older Persons Champion - update

Tony Pickernell.


Tony Pickernell – Older Persons Champion outlined his role:


·       Talking with and seeking the views of older people & carers.


·       Providing a focus for the exchange of views and information between older people or carers and the Council’s adult care and housing services.


·       Working with Tidworth Area Board on service improvements and developments to meet the needs of people in our community.


·       Attending Area Boards to report back on older people and carers issues.



Points made by Tony Pickernell included:


·       That he had recently met with Wiltshire Council officers and other Older Persons Champions.


·       Was looking at the lack of public toilets, re Wiltshire Council decision to close many, and the lack of transport for older people in the rural areas.


The Chairman thanked Tony Pickernell for his update.


Community Area Transport Group update

Cllr Mark Connolly.

Supporting documents:




·       That the Tidworth Area Board notes the minutes of the Community Area Transport Group dated 4 July 2016.



Bulford Ranges Road - Col Lawton advised to discuss with Wiltshire Council.


The Chairman thanked Cllr Connolly for his report.


Community Area Grants

To determine any applications for Community Area Grants.


Grant application packs for the Community Area Grants Scheme are available from the Community Area Manager or electronically at:

Supporting documents:


The Wiltshire Councillors were asked toconsider four applications seeking

2016/17 Community Area Grantfunding.



Everleigh Parish Council awarded £460.50 for Everleigh Playground Picnic Benches.

Theapplication meets grant criteria 2016/17.




Tidworth Town Football Club awarded £2,151 for 10kVA Generator.

Theapplication meets grant criteria 2016/17.




Netheravon History awarded £350 for Netheravon History Group Photo Display.

Theapplication meets grant criteria 2016/17.




Windmill Hill Childminders awarded £992.57 for Windmill Hill Childminders Children’s Resources.

Theapplication meets grant criteria 2016/17.



Note: A grant of £250 from the Community Toilet Scheme was awarded to Café Oasis.


Updates from Town and Parish Councils, the Police, the Army, NHS, TCAP and other Partners

To receive any updates.

Supporting documents:


NHS Wiltshire


The written report was noted.



Healthwatch Wiltshire – Paul Lefever


The written report was noted.



Tidworth Garrison – Col Steve Lawton


·       That 5 Rifles had now deployed to Bulford barracks.


·       That Aspire were celebrating its 10th anniversary.



Tidworth Town Council


·       Tidworth Festival - Saturday 23 July.


·       That Tidworth would have its new war memorial in place for this November’s Remembrance event.



Ludgershall Town Council


·       That a Ludgershall litter pick had been held.


·       That Queen’s birthday celebrations had been well attended.



Netheravon Parish Council


·       That the Parish Council thanked the Area Board for the grand funding for the gazebos which were used during the Queen’s birthday celebrations.



Everleigh Parish Council


The written report was noted.



CollingbourneDucis Parish Council


·       That a summer event was being planned for the 28 August by young people of the village.





Fittleton Parish Council


·       That a party had been held to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.



Mr Derek Booth raised the issue of vehicles speeding through Collingbourne Ducis. The Chairman advised that he would follow this up.


The Chairman thanked everybody for their updates.



Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Tidworth Area Board will be on Monday 19 September 2016.



The next meeting of the Tidworth Area Board will be held on Monday 19 September 2016 at the Wellington Academy.