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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Collingbourne Kingston Village Hall, Brunton, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 3SE

Contact: Kevin Fielding  (Democratic Services Officer)

No. Item


Chairman's Welcome, Announcements and Introductions



  • Changes to Wiltshire’s taxi tariffs
  • Update on leisure centre transfer to WC
  • Wiltshire Youth Council update
  • Ask Angela campaign re-launch



Supporting documents:


The Chairman welcomed everyone to Collingbourne Kingston and the meeting of the Tidworth Area Board.


The following written Chairman’s Announcements contained in the agenda pack were noted:


  • Changes to Wiltshire’s taxi tariffs


  • Update on leisure centre transfer to WC


·         Wiltshire Youth Council update


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Humph & Reia Jones.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee



There were no declarations of disclosable interests.




To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 13 September 2021

Supporting documents:




·         The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 22 November 2021 were agreed as the correct record and signed by the Chairman



Police Update

Inspector Tina Osborn – Wiltshire Police & Philip Wilkinson – Police and Crime Commissioner


Supporting documents:


Wiltshire Police – Inspector Tina Osborn


Points made included:


Local priorities


Anti-social behaviour


Police had received reports of ASB in Avondown Rd and around the Amesbury Pavilion at the recreation ground. Patrols had been working closely with partner agencies and a new CCTV camera system had been installed. This had enabled patrols to identify possible suspects so that appropriate action could be taken. Targeted patrols would continue within these areas.

Police had been made aware by DWFRS of small fires being started at The Recreation Ground, Ludgershall. Local teams had been working closely with DWFRS to identify suspects and take appropriate action against all those involved. High visibility patrols would continue in this area.



Night time economy patrols


There had been an increase in alcohol related offences within the Town Centre during the evenings especially approaching the weekend. Patrols were working with our licencing colleagues to educate and enforce licencing conditions within the licence premises. High visibility targeted patrols would continue at
key times within the Town where possible, to provide reassurance to the community and to deal with any ASB and public order offences being committed.



Rural crime


Rural crime continued to be a focus for the team. Two joint proactive operations had taken place over the last month, with the neighbourhood team from Salisbury, Amesbury and the Rural Crime Team. The teams would be looking to carrying out more proactive operations during this month.



Operation Sceptre


Operation Sceptre is a nationwide awareness week with a focus on knife crime; specifically its prevention. The neighbourhood team along with Early Invention officers would be attending schools delivering inputs regarding knife crime.

There would also be amnesty bins in the Amesbury area.



Community Speed Watch

Local Patrols were continuing to support our CSW teams where they could. We would be focusing on the following areas in the coming weeks, Underwood Drive Amesbury, Collingbourne Ducis, Berwick St James, Bulford Rd, Larkhill Road Durrington.



Drug Activity


Following reports of drug use at the Recreation Ground in Ludgershall, a number of engagements sessions by Youth Action Wiltshire and Amesbury Neighbourhood team, had taken place with youth groups. Targeted patrols had also been taking place as we try to clamp down on drug activity in the area.


The Chairman thanked Inspector Osborn for her update.


Fire & Rescue Update

Station Manager Dave Adamson – Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service


Supporting documents:


Group Manager Wayne Presley – Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service


Points made included:


Protection - On-going interaction by Protection Team members with Local Authorities, Private landlords and tenants regarding fire safety-related matters: external cladding systems; fire detection and warning systems; fire resisting doors (& self-closers); combustibility/fire resistance of construction materials; commercial and residential sprinklers systems and water-mist suppression systems



On Call Recruitment - As a paid position, on-call firefighters commit anywhere between 40 to 120 hours per week, during which time they must be able to respond to the station immediately.


Anyone over 18 years old can apply (although you can also apply once you are 17½) you must be able to respond and attend the fire station within 5-8 minutes, you have a good standard of physical fitness (i.e. you are generally active), and you must have the right to work in the UK.


Further information on becoming an On Call Firefighter can be found at www.dwfire.org.uk/working-for-us/on-call-firefighters/ or should you have any questions, you can call 01722 691444.



Road Safety Roadshow Live again with Arval UK’s support - ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ roadshow had returned to the schools of Wiltshire to ensure its life-saving messages still reached young people.


Covid-19 meant the flagship road safety programme, which was aimed at Year 11-13 students had to be delivered digitally. Now that restrictions had lifted, schools once again had the option to view the presentation live.

Safe Drive Stay Alive held its first live Wiltshire roadshow on 30 September at the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, and more had been held and booked for schools across the county throughout the academic year.

The relaunch of the roadshow wouldn’t be possible without the help and kind support from Arval UK.

The Chairman thanked Wayne Presley for his update.



Traffic Safety on the A338

Cllr Mark McClelland – Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste, Street Scene and Flooding, Wiltshire Council and Parvis Khansari – Director Highways & Environment, Wiltshire Council

Supporting documents:


Cllr Mark McClelland – Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste, Street Scene and Flooding, Wiltshire Council and Parvis Khansari – Director Highways & Environment, Wiltshire Council gave a short slide presentation re Traffic Safety on the A338.


Philip Wilkinson – Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner was also in attendance to outline Community Speedwatch and the new speedwatch camera base and how both could play their part in helping to protect our communities against the threat of speeding.



Points made by the Area Board members and meeting attendees included:


·         That local residents were not convinced that the data presented by Parvis Khansari was very accurate.


·         That it felt that more HGVs were travelling through local villages since Solstice Park came on line as a major distribution centre for Home Bargains and other companies.


·         That this was a very complicated picture with lots of variables.


·         That Home Bargains Lorries continued to drive through the Collingbournes.


·         APNR cameras – who follows up on any actions? - There was a liaison group which local residents could be part of.


·         That Auto Speedwatch when deployed in in Collingbourne Kingston had noted Home Bargains lorries routinely speeding through the local area.


·         What was the point of a weigh restriction limit if HVs still continued to use these roads.


·         That volunteers were becoming increasingly frustrated that no prosecutions seemed to follow from their hard work.


·         That volunteers would appreciate feedback of their hard work to encourage and keep motivation up.


·         That HGVs were sometimes dangerously overtaking.


·         That there had now been three fatalities – this was a dangerous piece of road.


It was agreed:


·         That Parvis Khansari would follow up on why there appeared to be few prosecutions for speeding and weight violations


·         APNR cameras  liaison group – Parvis Khansari to send details of this group to Cllr Chris Williams and Cllr Mark Connolly


·         That a better Speedwatch system would be discussed with the Police and Crime Commissioner utilising the new speedwatch camera base to coordinate things


·         Speedwatch groups/Parish Councils/CATGs/ Area Boards to feed into the process to come up with a collective approach to the speeding and HGV issues in our communities


The Chairman thanked Cllr Mark McClelland and Parvis Khansari for their presentation and attending the meeting.



Comments from Peter Binley - Interim Director of Highways and Transport, Wiltshire Council


With regard to speeding traffic and enforcement on the A338 the Police Community Speedwatch team have indicated that over 2,000 letters have been sent in the last two years. More recently the Community Speedwatch Enforcement officer did attend the A338 in Collingbourne Kingston on 02/02/22 and recorded 42 offences that they are currently working on. It would appear that there is increasing enforcement of the speed limits in Wiltshire and in particular on the A338, but we will of course continue to monitor the issues on this route.


With regard to the National Highways M4 to Dorset Coast Connectivity study, Parvis has advised Cllr Williams that stakeholder engagement was discussed with National Highways at the outset  ...  view the full minutes text for item 30.


Community Area Transport Group Update

Cllr Mark Connolly

Supporting documents:


The Area Board were asked to agree the Community Area Transport Group (CATG) notes and proposals of the meeting held on Monday 15 November 2021, contained in the agenda pack were agreed.




·         That the Community Area Transport Group (CATG) notes and proposals of the meeting held on Monday 15 November 2021, contained in the agenda pack were agreed by the Tidworth Area Board


Next meeting – Monday 7 February 2022.


The Chairman thanked Cllr Connolly.



Community Engagement Manager Update

Richard Rogers

Supporting documents:



 Richard Rogers – Community Engagement Manager presented the Community Engagement Report.


Points made included:


Community Engagement Report – Tidworth, Nov 2021


Vibrant Wiltshire

Wiltshire Council working through the Area Boards would be distributing the last tranche of Covid-19 Additional restrictions Grant (ARG) amounting to nearly £3m. Funding would be available for businesses with a shop front and would be split into 3 pots. The funding could be backdated to April 2021 and the application process would be kept very simple and quick. More information would be released imminently.



Rural youth project

Community First had spent some time in Tidworth meeting young people, stakeholders and parents. There would be a joint area on-line stakeholder event on Jan 19th where we would hear more and think about how the findings could be implemented.



Climate Change

Consultation had finished on the Wiltshire Climate strategy and COP26 had ended. We were therefore planning a joint meeting with the Pewsey area in February or March where we could explore what local actions we could take and support.



Prevention and wellbeing Team

A new team had been set up at Wiltshire Council as part of adult social care and in a unique position to work alongside adults, preventing the need for formal support. They were replacing local area coordinators who were in some areas of the county but not in Tidworth. However, the new team would be in the Tidworth area and would work closely with the community engagement manager. Alison Timmins had been appointed the officer covering our area and this would be a great help in the work we were doing to help address the priority of improving mental health.



Walking and cycling

The “Paths for All” project was up and running again, but with a difference. It was now a joint project with the Stonehenge area, and it held its first meeting back in September. We were planning the next one in February and would encourage anyone who was interested in improving their footpaths to come along and join in. Funding would hopefully be agreed at the Area Board meeting on Nov 22nd which the community would be able to use.


The Chairman thanked Richard Rogers for his update.



Partner Updates

To receive any updates


Supporting documents:


Updates were given, included written updates contained in the agenda pack.


·         Tidworth TC - written update


·         Ludgershall TC - written update


·         Everleigh PC - written update


The Chairman thanked everyone for their updates.



Community Area Grants

To determine any applications for Community Area Grants.


Grant application packs for the Community Area Grants Scheme are available from the Community Area Manager or electronically at:



Supporting documents:


Area Board Initiatives


         Paths for all Funding awarded £5,000


         Queen’s Platinum Jubilee awarded £2,000


Community Area Grants


         PCC of Collingbourne Ducis and Everleigh awarded £1,000 for St Andrews Church Turret clock repairs


         Ludgershall Sports club awarded £1,250 for Ludgershall FC new ride on mower


         Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council awarded £3,444.50 for Tidworth and Everleigh Road Bus Shelter



Health and Wellbeing Grants


         AWS Community Support Tidworth awarded £4,990 for Tidworth Art and Mindful sessions



Future Meeting Dates

·         Monday 21 March 2022 – venue to be confirmed

·         Monday 11 July 2022 – venue to be confirmed

·         Monday 12 September 2022 – venue to be confirmed

·         Monday 21 November 2022 – venue to be confirmed




·         Monday 21 March 2022 – venue to be confirmed

·         Monday 11 July 2022 – venue to be confirmed

·         Monday 12 September 2022 – venue to be confirmed

·         Monday 21 November 2022 – venue to be confirmed






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