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Standards Committee

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Information about Standards Committee

Standards Committee Responsibilities

The Standards Committee is responsible for:

• promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct by elected and co-opted members and officers.

• assisting the elected and co-opted members to observe the members’ code of conduct.


• advising the Council on the adoption or revision of the members’ code of conduct and the arrangements for dealing with member complaints of misconduct which the Council is required to make under Section 28 of the Localism Act 2011.

• monitoring and advising the Council about the operation of its code of conduct in the light of best practice and any changes in the law.

• advising, and, through the Member Development Group, arranging to  train elected and co-opted members on matters relating to the members’ code of  conduct and ensuring that members are aware of the standards expected of them under the code

• granting dispensations to elected and co-opted members from requirements relating to interests.

• overseeing the operation of the Council’s arrangements for dealing with misconduct complaints against members and co-opted members of Wiltshire Council, and parish, town and city councillors in Wiltshire.

• overview of the whistle blowing policy.

• overview of corporate complaints handling and Ombudsman investigations.

• reviewing the implementation of recommendations made by the Ombudsman.

• oversight of the constitution.




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