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Committee details

Electoral Review Committee

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference


1)         Composition

a)         The Committee shall consist of 10 members appointed in accordance with the rules on political proportionality.


b)        The Committee shall appoint a chairman and vice chairman from among its membership.


2)         Responsibilities

a)         To oversee the provision of information required by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England in carrying out its Electoral Review of Wiltshire, including any consultation arrangements with electors or other stakeholders;

b)         To update full Council on the progress of the Electoral Review;

c)         To make recommendations to full Council on proposed submissions to the LGBCE  relating to

i)          The total number of councillors on Wiltshire Council;

ii)         The number and boundaries of electoral divisions within Wiltshire Council;

iii)        The number of councillors to be returned by any electoral division;

iv)        The name of any electoral division;

d)         To determine on a case by case basis whether any requests for community governance reviews should be progressed during the Electoral Review and if so

i)          to make recommendations to Council accordingly

ii)         to oversee any community governance reviews that are to proceed and to make recommendations to Council on the outcomes of such reviews.

e)        To provide such further advice and support as may be requested by the Council related to or impacted upon by the Electoral Review.


Contact information

Support officer: Kieran Elliott. 01225 718504, Email: kieran.elliott@wiltshire.gov.uk




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